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SolarCity Corporation

SolarCity Corporation (SCTY)





Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 3390706125
Employees: 2510
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 1408356
Sector: Technology
Industry: Semiconductors
Sub-Industry: Solar
NAICS: Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesaler (423690)
SIC: 4931
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 650 638-1028
Address: 3055 Clearview Way
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: San Mateo
Country: USA
Postal Code: 94402


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In May of this year I wrote an article about the Solar Roadways project on Indiegogo criticizing the project as being wildly impractical. This wound up being a somewhat controversial…
Wal-Mart (WMT) gets a pretty bad rap, and much of it is well earned. The retail juggernaut is the source of progressive ire for a variety of reasons, including but…
Just one day after news started to trickle in that Elon Musk had publicly acknowledged what pretty much everyone had already been privately speculating, that there was a potential for…
When SolarCity (SCTY) announced its acquisition of solar panel manufacturer Silevo in June, the speculation about how Tesla (TSLA) and SolarCity would be joining forces ran rampant. I, for instance,…
In our last article, we looked at three key patterns: ratio of green to red candles, wide-range green candles in an uptrend, and continuations above 50/100/200 moving averages. In this…
Earlier this year, Warren Buffett said that he is ready to commit another $15 billion to renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, after already investing a similar amount. An…
Following a strong first quarter for the largest US solar supplier, First Solar (FSLR), analysts had been projecting Q2 revenue to reach $807 million with EPS at $0.33. However, the mid-cap…
The forecast is looking sunny for SolarCity in the stock market. Despite a slightly cloudier Monday, with shares dropping 2.8 percent to $68.40 a share, SolarCity’s stock has generally been…
Tesla (TSLA) won’t run out of gas. Tesla won’t hit the brakes. Tesla is supercharged and electric and all sorts of snazzy synonyms for “exciting.” However you put it, investors…
Elon Musk’s SolarCity (SCTY) saw shares pop to the tune of 17.58% on Tuesday, climbing nearly $10 a share on action that opened even and then gained steam as the…


Social Mentions about your company in the last seven days
Antonio Costa
23 Nov 14 11:29:08
$SCTY Daily short sale volume over the last 30 days http://t.co/Ssaz3yxliP
23 Nov 14 08:00:06
$SCTY SolarCity (SCTY) Stock Surging Friday on New Walmart Project Deal
Smarter Analyst
23 Nov 14 07:26:09
Analyst Highlights - Week 47 - Technology http://t.co/mfFTN4OgjP $SCTY $SPLK $TSL $ATVI $NUAN
23 Nov 14 06:18:47
RT @StockSignaling: Pre-Market Price Advances: $INTU $HIBB $EDAP $ACAD $ROST $EXXI $ADSK $TQQQ $SCTY $MPEL $XIV $EIGI $ARIA $SPLK $PLCE htt…
23 Nov 14 06:03:30
RT @StockSignaling: Pre-Market Price Advances: $INTU $HIBB $EDAP $ACAD $ROST $EXXI $ADSK $TQQQ $SCTY $MPEL $XIV $EIGI $ARIA $SPLK $PLCE htt…
Stock Signaling
23 Nov 14 06:01:07
Pre-Market Price Advances: $INTU $HIBB $EDAP $ACAD $ROST $EXXI $ADSK $TQQQ $SCTY $MPEL $XIV $EIGI $ARIA $SPLK $PLCE http://t.co/S9oPUZ8PN3
Seeking Alpha - All
23 Nov 14 05:44:32
Trina Solar On Deck As Sector Tries To Bounce Back http://t.co/D075bnGm0E $ASTI $CSIQ $DQ $HSOL $JASO $JKS $RGSE $SCTY $SOL $SUNE $TAN
22 Nov 14 18:15:33
RT @StockSignaling: Movers and Shakers: $NETE $MHR $JASO $JKS $CLDX $ANV $INVN $AMBA $GPRO $TSL $SNSS $Z $FOLD $SCTY $YY http://t.co/S9oPUZ…
Stock Signaling
22 Nov 14 18:01:22
Movers and Shakers: $NETE $MHR $JASO $JKS $CLDX $ANV $INVN $AMBA $GPRO $TSL $SNSS $Z $FOLD $SCTY $YY http://t.co/S9oPUZ8PN3 #nasdaq #trader
Carlo Kuhrt
22 Nov 14 16:58:36
@elonmusk are you watching @BookTV and Jason Mattera rip into your publicly traded $TSLA & $SCTY?
22 Nov 14 16:08:09
Report: America could power itself 100 times over with solar energy http://t.co/7bKLtYmD7I $SCTY http://t.co/jr1hSFy4jo
22 Nov 14 13:00:41
@elonmusk Superconducting wire next $SCON current of 730 Amps/cm at 77K http://t.co/NzH9UKqaB4 $SCTY $TSLA $CHK $EMES
The Shark
22 Nov 14 12:33:15
$TSL has earnings on Monday and I expect good things. Solar industry is hot now especially after $SCTY and $WMT big deal and $SUNE roaring.
22 Nov 14 11:15:01
RT @ForTraders: SolarCity : Signs Multiyear Solar And Energy Storage Deal With Walmart http://t.co/8wXtpWTVgK $SCTY $WMT
22 Nov 14 11:05:12
SolarCity : Hawaiian Electric Ink Research Agreement with NREL http://t.co/P2hTSTUgxI $SCTY $HAWEL
22 Nov 14 10:05:05
Walmart to install up to 400 solar projects http://t.co/CIPpQGIPPa $WMT $SCTY $SUNE
22 Nov 14 09:05:04
SolarCity : Signs Multiyear Solar And Energy Storage Deal With Walmart http://t.co/8wXtpWTVgK $SCTY $WMT
22 Nov 14 07:05:02
SolarCity : teams with NREL to advance distributed solar power http://t.co/dZtF7Ujdea $SCTY $HAWEL
22 Nov 14 07:05:01
SolarCity : NREL, SolarCity and Hawaiian Electric Companies to reearch solar integration into the grid http://t.co/nvHtKiFe9d $SCTY $HAWEL
22 Nov 14 06:57:11
RT @StockSignaling: Pre-Market Price Advances: $INTU $HIBB $EDAP $ACAD $ROST $EXXI $ADSK $TQQQ $SCTY $MPEL $XIV $EIGI $ARIA $SPLK $PLCE htt…
22 Nov 14 06:05:03
Walmart Selects SolarCity (SCTY) and SunEdison (SUNE) for Massive Solar Project http://t.co/Xk8ZK8d0bC $WMT $SCTY $SUNE
Stock Signaling
22 Nov 14 06:01:14
Pre-Market Price Advances: $INTU $HIBB $EDAP $ACAD $ROST $EXXI $ADSK $TQQQ $SCTY $MPEL $XIV $EIGI $ARIA $SPLK $PLCE http://t.co/S9oPUZ8PN3
22 Nov 14 05:05:05
SolarCity : Enters Solar Installation Contract with Walmart (WMT) http://t.co/VhR91ypREK $SCTY $WMT
22 Nov 14 05:05:04
SolarCity : Wal-Mart Signs Solar Installation Agreement with SolarCity Corp http://t.co/il8wPYeR4y $SCTY $WMT
22 Nov 14 05:05:03
Wal Mart Stores : Walmart to install up to 400 more solar PV systems over the next four years http://t.co/b2IfokQ9g6 $WMT $SCTY
22 Nov 14 00:15:01
SolarCity : and Hawaiian Electric Join Forces with NREL to Advance Distributed Solar http://t.co/xhC6D5A1pq $SCTY
Thurman Barham
21 Nov 14 23:09:16
#Stock Market Reports you need on $MYL $SCTY $LII $RAX Worth a look http://t.co/oIYotinrgj
Cami Clarke
21 Nov 14 20:35:46
Is it breakout time on $DIS $SCTY $FFIV $AMZN #investing http://t.co/nuiE0UfpKa
21 Nov 14 20:28:56
@scottyduzkno yeah mostly $TLT $BLV $JNK $BND $VCIT great ETFs for fixed income bro also long $SCTY solar bonds hahaha have you seen those?
Hilde Phipps
21 Nov 14 18:51:46
This weeks Stocks you should Watch $SCTY $PGR $SFD $BLOX #money http://t.co/GJ0gMTvlz0
Langan Stocks
21 Nov 14 18:42:37
$SCTY SCTY 55.05 Solarcity Corp is number 36 out of 100 Top trading stocks today. $SCTY +1.42 +2.65% 100 day average http://t.co/pUBvhVGCoN
Julissa Cato
21 Nov 14 18:36:55
Should you buy, sell or hold $CMI $WM $SCTY $AMZN #moneymanagement http://t.co/ZSDnjav2B4
21 Nov 14 16:20:34
http://t.co/NYsxQOU64w Emylers: $SCTY Up to date company activities and other: Emylers http://t.co/d7yfOm7xeN http://t.co/NYsxQOU64w
21 Nov 14 16:20:31
http://t.co/QkCFZ8YF3c Emylers: $SCTY Up to date company activities and other: Emylers http://t.co/Xnj33jrnfi http://t.co/QkCFZ8YF3c
Clair Voight
21 Nov 14 15:30:46
$SCTY 5 Things SolarCity Corp.'s Management Wants You to Know http://t.co/CBjCcYBS1N
Wu Weed
21 Nov 14 15:10:53
$SCTY // @SolarCity Announces New #Solar Projects With Walmart http://t.co/2YxOtadU04 wu tang
Dmitri Nabors
21 Nov 14 15:01:52
Find the next hot #pennystock $AVX $STLD $SCTY $CBM #NSE http://t.co/xI1mw3vwV6
 Ansgar John
21 Nov 14 15:00:02
@TrampolinRocket and $scty?
Fahd El
21 Nov 14 14:13:54
$SCTY also nice win glad I didnt got greedy with this mofo and used small size to try my patience on those last sells http://t.co/oLqeX9kNsX
Jonie Gallegos
21 Nov 14 14:08:59
#Stock Watchlist you should be looking at $NATI $JOE $SCTY $IBM #Stock http://t.co/1Jk1yAUHAo
Nga Craft
21 Nov 14 13:51:21
Dont want to lose like you did with $VOYA $SCTY $TRMB $ISRG Check out http://t.co/24I40HbHwK
21 Nov 14 13:46:08
iSENTIUM Post-Market Sentiment Report: Breaking alerts on $CAT, $SCTY, $MRVL, $TASR http://t.co/4FuqlvybhE
Kinetic Analyst
21 Nov 14 13:19:11
Got out a few bucks up today. Great week. Already setting aside expedition fund for December. Thanks $VA $HTZ $AAPL $CAT $SCTY $Z $YHOO $SPY
The Shark
21 Nov 14 13:12:15
Watching $HTZ and $TSL earnings on Monday. Especially with $SCTY partnering with $WMT helping solar stocks...
21 Nov 14 13:05:11
SolarCity : Hawaiian Electric reach agreement to study solar interconnection issues http://t.co/PRQpwVz08N $SCTY $HAWEL
Blown Calls
21 Nov 14 12:07:13
Lotto #2: $BABA wc 112 .05 x .15 jump in last hour. Tight coil channel. #onlyplayfriday #ballsofsteel #lottoplay $SCTY #runtoclose #china
Bidness Etc
21 Nov 14 12:05:26
How Wal-Mart Is Adopting Renewable Energy http://t.co/zsLzR8eUXg $WMT $SCTY $SUNE
21 Nov 14 12:05:04
Walmart announces huge solar project http://t.co/qVJ3Xf3DSj $WMT $SCTY $SUNE
21 Nov 14 11:46:59
RT @InvestorWisdom: $MXWL bouncing off support $FSLR $FL $MBLY $DDD $GME $NFLX $SCTY $ZNGA $GRPN $BTU $BABA $JNUG $SUNE $WDAY $LOCO $FLEX $…
Future Tech Investor
21 Nov 14 11:44:57

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