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RF Micro Devices Inc.

RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD)





RF Micro Devices, Inc. designs and manufactures of high-performance radio frequency (RF) components and compound semiconductors technologies.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 1482215051
CEO: Robert A. Bruggeworth
Employees: 3986
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 911160
Sector: Technology
Industry: Semiconductors
Sub-Industry: Semiconductors
NAICS: Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturin (334413)
SIC: 3674
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 336-664-1233
Address: 7628 Thorndike Road
Address 2:
State: NC
City / Town: Greensboro
Country: USA
Postal Code: 27409-9421


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Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 07:34:26
@Carl_C_Icahn Carl, here is the link. Be sure to check our $RFMD as we have a $50+ price target on this stock. https://t.co/0uncxTyeJp
24 Jul 14 07:32:19
long $RFMD 10.38
Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 07:29:16
$RFMD We recommend a Strong BUY on this stock ahead of the close before the company reports earnings! $50+ target this year!!!
24 Jul 14 07:03:28
$BBRY $JD $NQ $PGNX $RFMD $SCTY autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
24 Jul 14 06:56:00
$GNSZ Open http://t.co/iR7VrboVzH Also See: $RFMD $FITB $NANI $CIT ~
Financial Headlines
24 Jul 14 06:43:07
$RFMD: RF Micro Devices Near A Major Transformation http://t.co/0PQ0TJWb2y http://t.co/7T5qMD8Amv
24 Jul 14 06:33:36
$ANGI $ARIA $RFMD $SRPT autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
Danny Canete
24 Jul 14 06:32:52
$SVU $FLIR $UA $ITMN $RFMD Earnings today, and my watches.
Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 06:12:13
$AAPL Investors keep asking what to do with Apple? No Brainer SELL SELL SELL and BUY $FB and $RFMD today..both have super GROWTH!
Pavel Jiřík
24 Jul 14 05:33:30
@OptionsHawk not sure what to think about $RFMD - Lots of aug calls, lots of pumping...way too much buzz? Any idea?
Stock Market Monitor
24 Jul 14 05:05:45
$RFMD: Q1 2015 RF Micro Devices, Inc. Earnings Release - 4:00 pm ET http://t.co/T5q13eJgsr
Stock News 24
24 Jul 14 05:04:15
$RFMD - Q1 2015 RF Micro Devices, Inc. Earnings Release - 4:00 pm ET -> http://t.co/PTmKScBijR #stock #stocks #stockaction
Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 05:04:10
@Carl_C_Icahn $RFMD expected to report ROBUST earnings after the close today. Excellent growth going forward across several areas!
Don Fishback
24 Jul 14 04:45:20
1 Week Increase in ATM IV (Point change) $TLM, $WETF, $RFMD, $SHLD, $HPQ http://t.co/OnLibsmmLh
24 Jul 14 04:45:20
1 Week Increase in ATM IV (Point change) $TLM, $WETF, $RFMD, $SHLD, $HPQ http://t.co/5hjil9Q8Rm
Companies in News
24 Jul 14 04:43:07
$RFMD: Qualcomm: Why Q3 Earnings Have The Potential To Surpass Expectations http://t.co/qqtrhnpy01 http://t.co/jb9xB3agSl
Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 04:40:05
$RFMD We expect shares of RF Micro to test the $15+ level after reporting earnings today! Rated a Strong BUY $50+ year-end target!
Saprodani Associates
24 Jul 14 04:09:36
$RFMD a bargain BUY today: https://t.co/19l8MmkMv6
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 03:57:40
$WIN P/E Ratio http://t.co/QJzAkre6Mo Also See: $FTEG $NFLX $RFMD $MYEC ~
Hunter Shankle
24 Jul 14 03:45:55
$rfmd long idea off a support / dip buy. 10.50 break or r/g move to target 11 http://t.co/J6pURMNfie
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 03:13:16
$BBRY Company Info http://t.co/xTysmp3CTq Also See: $BSX $BYSD $BCAP $RFMD ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 02:58:08
$CROX Day Low http://t.co/CpfrHZd7Zk Also See: $BIG $GILD $RFMD $MYEC ~
Chasing Stars
24 Jul 14 02:33:51
$EBAY Day Low http://t.co/9sXbVQTX6Q Also See: $FTEG $WEN $BTU $RFMD ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 01:59:31
$TXN Short Sales http://t.co/SB1VEQ5vvZ Also See: $RFMD $WIN $GE $FCX ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 01:44:48
$STLD Summary http://t.co/QuzVoeZAD7 Also See: $RFMD $HBAN $F $BID ~
Financial News
24 Jul 14 01:43:07
$RFMD: International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) and Advanced Micro ... http://t.co/jq9izEious http://t.co/F1W1wzE2mr
24 Jul 14 01:39:47
$GILD Current Price http://t.co/NS270hgCgS Also See: $RFMD $HLF $MRIB $GILD ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 01:28:33
$QCOM Market Cap http://t.co/2JRymxBQ9E Also See: $RFMD $ZNGA $NYBD $HPNN ~
Langan Stocks
24 Jul 14 01:15:55
$RFMD Ask http://t.co/kz9FgOx3K2 Also See: $KO $HBAN $MCD $GLUU ~
24 Jul 14 01:10:41
$RFMD Day High http://t.co/KZQFRBbiLF Also See: $BBRY $BYSD $GRPN $SIRI ~
Chasing Stars
24 Jul 14 01:10:07
$RFMD Quotes http://t.co/MY3ugiOqZZ Also See: $QCOM $EBAY $HAL $KO ~
24 Jul 14 01:03:58
$RFMD 52Wk High http://t.co/zWERMFMcqh Also See: $GLUU $RITE $NFLX $TWTR ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 01:03:23
$RFMD Ask Size http://t.co/qUT2MGHQwL Also See: $GM $JPM $PAWS $MTVX ~
24 Jul 14 00:29:21
$SIRI Ask http://t.co/Xao1UFY8OZ Also See: $CDNS $AVEW $MCD $RFMD ~
Chasing Stars
24 Jul 14 00:25:33
$SIRI P/E Ratio http://t.co/t8eF8US4i1 Also See: $ATML $EPGL $ADCS $RFMD ~
Investors Hangout
24 Jul 14 00:23:12
$RFMD Ask Size http://t.co/6r77CdJS8V Also See: $CSCO $JCP $JCP $EA ~
Stock Forums
24 Jul 14 00:11:54
$RFMD Bid http://t.co/QZ0rk3XAXA Also See: $RTXB $ZNGA $GE $UNGS ~
Langan Stocks
24 Jul 14 00:09:33
$FB Open http://t.co/qVDqc6L5uc Also See: $RFMD $SUNE $CBS $FOFU ~
Chasing Stars
24 Jul 14 00:09:25
$AMAT Tick http://t.co/GEhyyDKvBS Also See: $BID $BRCM $RAD $RFMD ~
Investors Hangout
23 Jul 14 23:46:33
$SIRI Last Trade http://t.co/Lm4GcZGWoR Also See: $MU $ATML $UNGS $RFMD ~
Investors Hangout
23 Jul 14 23:44:40
$INTC Tick http://t.co/wsbbU8xlk4 Also See: $RFMD $KO $NFLX $NVDA ~
Financial Headlines
23 Jul 14 23:43:07
$RFMD: Anadigics Gets Aggressive In Path To Profitability With Company Restructuring http://t.co/IVP0bj7stV http://t.co/EsYcuPKEyV
Langan Stocks
23 Jul 14 23:37:10
$HOG Volume http://t.co/Seb94mmJmF Also See: $GNSZ $RFMD $SRGL $JCP ~
Chasing Stars
23 Jul 14 23:28:20
$CIT Tick http://t.co/Pz9n2eknqP Also See: $SIRI $ATML $RFMD $GE ~
23 Jul 14 22:54:04
$BSX Company Info http://t.co/mgvrIUEIYG Also See: $RFMD $CROX $GTAT $EPAZ ~
23 Jul 14 22:21:07
$BTU Day Low http://t.co/fErg7B2EXq Also See: $BTU $RFMD $ATML $BTU ~
Stock Market Picks
23 Jul 14 20:56:28
Earnings Releases for July 24th (after the close): $PEB $PFG $PFPT $QLGC $QLIK $RFMD $RGA $RGC $RSG $RVBD $SBAC $SBUX $SIVB $SPNC $SPSC
Investors Hangout
23 Jul 14 19:49:48
$TWTR Ex-Div Date http://t.co/luqV8uotF0 Also See: $CDNS $VSTR $CDNS $RFMD ~
Stock Forums
23 Jul 14 18:35:01
$RF Open http://t.co/VcT6PP5syx Also See: $MTVX $VZ $RFMD $AAPL ~
Leo Kolivakis
23 Jul 14 18:23:12
RT @stockguy22: #afterhours RECAP UP.. $TWTR $SKX $CTXS $FB $ILMN Down.. $ANGI $RFMD $KNDI $CRUS $T $CAKE $QCOM $GILD $TRIP $FFIV http://…

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