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Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation (CMCSA)





Comcast Corp is a global media and technology company. The Company's business segments are: Cable Communications, Cable Networks, Broadcast Television, Filmed Entertainment, and Theme Parks.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 110129416470
Employees: 129000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 1166691
Sector: Communication Services
Industry: Communication Services
Sub-Industry: Pay TV
NAICS: Cable and Other Subscription Programmin (515210)
SIC: ['4812','7389','4841']
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 215 286-1700
Address: One Comcast Center
Address 2:
State: PA
City / Town: Philadelphia
Country: USA
Postal Code: 19103-2838


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One of the S&P 500’s big winners for Tuesday November 25 was Comcast Corp (CMCSA) as the company’s stock climbed 2.92% to $56.62 on volume of 17.5 million shares. The…
Ultra-high speed 1 GB Internet service has been starting to capture serious attention from individuals and companies in the United States. So far, it looks like AT&T (T) and Google…
The earth is shaking under the feet of the cable television industry. Traditional cable TV is facing an earthquake that is changing the entire industry. When the dust clears, everything…
At a speech last week the audience learned that only one-third of American homes are still using landlines, more than 170 billion text messages are send every single day, and…
AT&T (T) has enjoyed a very successful run over the last decade. Now the industry and competition is starting to change once again. AT&T sees this and has been making…
Take a minute to think of the largest names in technology. When you’re as big as Google (GOOG) , dealing with lawsuits is just part of business — patent infringement…
One of the funniest aspects of the recent movie 22 Jump Street is its self-deprecating nature. The comedy was a sequel of the rebooted franchise of the ‘80s, and is…
After signing interconnection deals with Comcast (CMCSA) and Verizon (VZ) , AT&T’s (T) latest deal with Netflix (NFLX) to make its stream service faster added fire to the already hotly…
Why does Comcast (CMCSA) keep punching themselves in the gut with poor customer service? With competition increasing and new choices popping up all the time, they should be trying to…
It’s a game of 80’s. In June, business magnate and king of News Corp (NWSA) and 21st Century Fox (FOXA) Rupert Murdoch made Time Warner Inc. (TWX) a premium buyout…


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18 Dec 14 12:08:45
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18 Dec 14 11:53:12
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Stock Options Action
18 Dec 14 07:02:02
I like $CMCSA Jan 52.50 strike for quick trade. It needs to reach 57.10 on good volume soon
Open Outcrier
18 Dec 14 06:51:40
$CMCSA Strong; on the morning watch list
18 Dec 14 06:14:07
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