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RadioShack Corp.

RadioShack Corp. (RSH)





RadioShack Corporation is involved in the retail sale of consumer electronics goods and services through its RadioShack store chain.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 417674497
CEO: Joseph C. Magnacca
Employees: 34500
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 96289
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Sub-Industry: Specialty Retail
NAICS: Radio, Television, and Other Electronics Store (443112)
SIC: 5731
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 817 415-3011
Address: Mail Stop CF3-203
Address 2: 300 RadioShack Circle
State: TX
City / Town: Fort Worth
Country: USA
Postal Code: 76102


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Radioshack? Are they still in business?  I mean, I see stores once in a while but what exactly are they doing there? It's hard not to think of Radioshack as…
Following the horrible results posted from RadioShack's (RSH) latest earnings report on June 11, B. Riley & Co. lowered its price target on the company from $1 a share to…
On June 10 RadioShack Corp. ($RSH), a retailer of consumer electronics goods and services, reported its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2014. Following the release of the…
On May 6 the oft-struggling retailer Office Depot (ODP) reported a jump in earnings, while concomitantly announcing the closure of some 400 storefronts. The company’s stock, in turn, rose by…
The DJIA dipped slightly while the Nasdaq and S&P rose, marking a rebound from the prior week’s tech and bio sell-off. The rise is of special importance to the S&P,…
Shares of RadioShack (RSH) fell sharply on April 17 after it was revealed the chain had run into problems with its plan to close over 1100 stores nationwide in a…
Today’s Results ●     Standard & Poor’s 500: +0.05 percent to 1,878.04 ●     Dow Jones Industrial Average: +0.19 percent to 16,452.72 ●     NASDAQ: -0.37 percent to 4,336.22     Stocks on…
Radio Shack (RSH) said on Tuesday they will close roughly 20 percent of their stores. What does the future hold for this long time electronics giant? We’ve seen this story…
Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. (RSH) reported financial results from the fourth quarter that were way worse than analysts expected, putting the stock price in a tailspin. The embattled company, struggling…
Short-selling, or betting that a stock will go down, does not get quite as much attention as long investing, but it certainly has its vocal proponents. The famous trader/short-seller Jim…


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Donald van Deventer
18 Sep 14 13:50:48
RT @KamakuraCo: RadioShack 1 Year Default Probability 41.08%, Up 2.19% Today $RSH http://t.co/Qp25nhnBvv via @salphatrending
The Termintrader
18 Sep 14 12:19:30
$RSH RSI divergence (intraday)
Wu Weed
18 Sep 14 12:16:18
$rsh bounce off $.95
Seeking Alpha
18 Sep 14 12:07:19
With JC Penney Struggling, Where Will It Be In 2020? Foreclosed? http://t.co/m9d3SgQfXL $GPS $KSS $M $RSH $WMT $TGT $JCP
18 Sep 14 11:53:37
I was thinking $RSH and $PIR should consider a merger. Any ideas for the new company name? I have #PierShack on my shortlist
Trader News Daily
18 Sep 14 11:40:27
Wowser $ASKH popping over 60% on unusual volume. On watch: $KWK $EAPH $RSH $VRCI $INCC $FREE $NVLX $CREG
Mike Weaver
18 Sep 14 11:25:30
@sspencer_smb no, no, no.....they're buying $RSH :)
Christian Litsch
18 Sep 14 10:02:21
RT @GillianTan: Scoop w @drewfitzgerald: RadioShack is considering a $585 million financing package from UBS, Standard General http://t.co/…
Curious Cat
18 Sep 14 10:02:14
$CBMX Sellers gone & chart RSI turning UP. Go chase $BABA $AAPL $RSH #shortsqueeze #lowfloat #stocks #trading #traders #smartmoney #LOL
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 09:54:20
danrocks: $JNJ On Radar $RSH $INTC $BAC $PCLN $TMF http://t.co/BD9zhfeJ6G
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 09:54:17
danrocks: $JNJ On Radar $RSH $INTC $BAC $PCLN $TMF http://t.co/rm5BTMyuRf
Stock Rocket
18 Sep 14 09:35:53
$NETE Gained 551.93% In The Past 6 Weeks! Major News: http://t.co/h5N34SPJ6o $TRMR $UAL $RSH
18 Sep 14 09:35:16
http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz danrocks: $JNJ On Radar $RSH $INTC $BAC $PCLN $TMF: danrocks http://t.co/MWZ4JQp9hh http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz
18 Sep 14 09:33:19
$JNJ On Radar $RSH $INTC $BAC $PCLN $TMF http://t.co/xhn8yjfsDq
18 Sep 14 09:17:38
$DRIO is getting cheaper , yet it has reached the bottom. $RSH
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 09:15:14
Stock_Tracker: $RSH Recent News U.S. stocks end lower; tech and http://t.co/7wroWOFK0N
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 09:15:09
Stock_Tracker: $RSH Recent News U.S. stocks end lower; tech and http://t.co/tJdUZjqaZF
18 Sep 14 09:09:57
$RSH Recent News U.S. stocks end lower; tech and small-caps lead losses 4:09 p.m. Sept. 15, 2014 - Karen Friar http://t.co/P0fULNn2zv
18 Sep 14 08:41:31
$JASO Is this one to watch? $KEY $NTEK $CSCO $AA $RSH http://t.co/sZem21GC7c
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 08:22:11
danrocks: $RSH Hitting Buzz $ETFC $GDXJ $AMTD $X $XLI http://t.co/zOWON6SrJt
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 08:22:11
danrocks: $XLI Hitting Buzz $TNA $XLU $RIG $RSH $WLT http://t.co/dxMY8vEHrU
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 08:21:47
danrocks: $RSH Hitting Buzz $ETFC $GDXJ $AMTD $X $XLI http://t.co/uJ0eTY1wJg
Investors Hangout
18 Sep 14 08:21:47
danrocks: $XLI Hitting Buzz $TNA $XLU $RIG $RSH $WLT http://t.co/ztFNbJ1pko
18 Sep 14 08:09:49
http://t.co/Vv1sYDyeQn danrocks: Xtremepicks Alerts: $RSH Hitting Buzz $ETFC $GDXJ $AMTD $X $XLI http://t.co/ubHmxBUzkO
18 Sep 14 08:09:48
http://t.co/Vv1sYDyeQn danrocks: ZIP CASH TRAIN: $XLI Hitting Buzz $TNA $XLU $RIG $RSH $WLT http://t.co/jyHD3eCppq
18 Sep 14 08:02:50
$RSH Hitting Buzz $ETFC $GDXJ $AMTD $X $XLI http://t.co/ba0YmGb19l
18 Sep 14 08:02:18
$XLI Hitting Buzz $TNA $XLU $RIG $RSH $WLT http://t.co/70xWIwtnEY
18 Sep 14 07:39:51
$HZNP Chart $HZNP Most recent stock chart and technical analysis. $ACT $NUS $NFLX $DSX $RADA $RSH http://stock http://t.co/8kEWMYyJA5
Alexander Morris
18 Sep 14 07:24:47
$RSH: 1mCrossSMA+ (0.99), 10%UpDays:14, AtgPivH3, tf:0f, DyVol:881T:0.2x:0.1x, DyRng:5%:0.6x:0.3x; TLM:2.2 (PotLONG); vl:9; rs:+,
Patrick Miller
18 Sep 14 06:48:47
$RSH is in rally mode !
18 Sep 14 06:34:58
$RSH Face plant again this morning.
Stock mind
18 Sep 14 06:25:21
$RSH is supposed to come out with news today.... So we'll see......
Andreas Larsen
18 Sep 14 06:07:47
Alejandro Ω
18 Sep 14 06:04:17
http://t.co/uJr2BUwCK1 Verified $257.58 profit in $RSH auto imports
Max Vision
18 Sep 14 05:54:46
$RSH turning to insurance fraud...? No way their store has $24k of inventory. http://t.co/tN3dgvvj8c
Kamakura Corporation
18 Sep 14 05:11:49
RadioShack 1 Year Default Probability 41.08%, Up 2.19% Today $RSH http://t.co/Qp25nhnBvv via @salphatrending
18 Sep 14 05:04:18
http://t.co/q6RipnWFKF $RSH
Don Fishback
18 Sep 14 04:52:41
Negative Implied Borrow Rate $XPO, $TNXP, $RSH, $CHU, $KING http://t.co/chZmOBwQPV
18 Sep 14 04:52:40
Negative Implied Borrow Rate $XPO, $TNXP, $RSH, $CHU, $KING http://t.co/IlewIc5VSR
Stock Signaling
18 Sep 14 03:01:05
Earnings Surprises: $ADBE $DRI $OPTT $AAVL $LULU $RSH $ULTA $SPWH $KR $RH $MW $SIGM $VRA $FIVE $LDOS http://t.co/Vtx6dLy0Nw #nasdaq #analyst
18 Sep 14 02:47:38
Stocks with implied volatility movement; TRW Automotive $TRW 9, RadioShack $RSH 250
Jim Sheetz
18 Sep 14 02:03:17
RT @StockSignaling: Conference Calls: $RAD $CTIC $GIS $PIR $BBG $ULTA $RSH $OREX $LULU $SIGM $RH $PANW $LDOS $BKS $KFY http://t.co/Vtx6dLy0…
Stock Signaling
18 Sep 14 02:01:04
Conference Calls: $RAD $CTIC $GIS $PIR $BBG $ULTA $RSH $OREX $LULU $SIGM $RH $PANW $LDOS $BKS $KFY http://t.co/Vtx6dLy0Nw #mkt #stockpicks
Stock Rocket
18 Sep 14 01:16:09
$NETE Gained 551.93% In The Past 6 Weeks! Major News: http://t.co/PU7GW934W5 $TRMR $UAL $RSH
Stock Rocket
17 Sep 14 21:07:23
$NETE Gained 551.93% In The Past 6 Weeks! Major News: http://t.co/PU7GW934W5 $TRMR $UAL $RSH
Jet Jvckson
17 Sep 14 20:55:59
RT @daily_finance: http://t.co/hXHnKqSWw8 + RadioShack = You've got to be kidding http://t.co/VoXZXbx0mX $AMZN $RSH
17 Sep 14 20:30:27
http://t.co/hXHnKqSWw8 + RadioShack = You've got to be kidding http://t.co/VoXZXbx0mX $AMZN $RSH
17 Sep 14 19:57:39
SA article says Amazon shoul buy $RSH. Well they probably get a better price in BK court.
Evnt Trader
17 Sep 14 19:13:53
$RSH brutal on Failure to Deliver shares. http://t.co/sphLiaDefl
17 Sep 14 18:45:02
RadioShack : Sets Date for Fiscal 2015 Second Quarter Earnings Announcement http://t.co/og6pdk1hhU $RSH

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