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RadioShack Corp.

RadioShack Corp. (RSH)





RadioShack Corporation is involved in the retail sale of consumer electronics goods and services through its RadioShack store chain.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 417674497
CEO: Joseph C. Magnacca
Employees: 34500
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 96289
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Sub-Industry: Specialty Retail
NAICS: Radio, Television, and Other Electronics Store (443112)
SIC: 5731
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 817 415-3011
Address: Mail Stop CF3-203
Address 2: 300 RadioShack Circle
State: TX
City / Town: Fort Worth
Country: USA
Postal Code: 76102


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Radioshack? Are they still in business?  I mean, I see stores once in a while but what exactly are they doing there? It's hard not to think of Radioshack as…
Following the horrible results posted from RadioShack's (RSH) latest earnings report on June 11, B. Riley & Co. lowered its price target on the company from $1 a share to…
On June 10 RadioShack Corp. ($RSH), a retailer of consumer electronics goods and services, reported its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2014. Following the release of the…
On May 6 the oft-struggling retailer Office Depot (ODP) reported a jump in earnings, while concomitantly announcing the closure of some 400 storefronts. The company’s stock, in turn, rose by…
The DJIA dipped slightly while the Nasdaq and S&P rose, marking a rebound from the prior week’s tech and bio sell-off. The rise is of special importance to the S&P,…
Shares of RadioShack (RSH) fell sharply on April 17 after it was revealed the chain had run into problems with its plan to close over 1100 stores nationwide in a…
Today’s Results ●     Standard & Poor’s 500: +0.05 percent to 1,878.04 ●     Dow Jones Industrial Average: +0.19 percent to 16,452.72 ●     NASDAQ: -0.37 percent to 4,336.22     Stocks on…
Radio Shack (RSH) said on Tuesday they will close roughly 20 percent of their stores. What does the future hold for this long time electronics giant? We’ve seen this story…
Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. (RSH) reported financial results from the fourth quarter that were way worse than analysts expected, putting the stock price in a tailspin. The embattled company, struggling…
Short-selling, or betting that a stock will go down, does not get quite as much attention as long investing, but it certainly has its vocal proponents. The famous trader/short-seller Jim…


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Sliced Investing
24 Oct 14 16:40:27
Some #distressed opportunities out there per two $OZM alums. Maybe $RSH will survive! http://t.co/9oHy2bItea #invest http://t.co/7obzsr96Hb
24 Oct 14 16:15:10
$RSH | RADIOSHACK CORP is up 31% since we reported a Form 13D filing on 10/08/2014. Did you make the right play? - http://t.co/81yUTxeLH5
24 Oct 14 15:22:36
Our Penny Stock Alerts Gained 371% In 2 weeks! Sign Up For Free Text Alerts For Our New Pick: http://t.co/Wsu24zYrur $TRMR $UAL $RSH
24 Oct 14 12:56:00
Is $RSH really making more cash flow than $AMZN
Matt finston
24 Oct 14 12:09:09
Flipped the $lfg news for. $120 gain also looking to dip back into $rsh when it hits .94
Daily Contracts
24 Oct 14 10:01:04
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from RadioShack $RSH http://t.co/D4uRnfBX2W
24 Oct 14 07:54:34
RT @ceb2121: $RSH nice looking chart here, this could be our winner of the week. http://t.co/pqv5lFccsQ http://t.co/d46lPmn6MG
24 Oct 14 07:18:17
Drawn to Lost Causes, Hedge Fund Seeks to Turn Them Around http://t.co/zsrvwlfoBd via @dealbook $RSH $APP
Mr. Dolla Maker
24 Oct 14 06:51:36
$RSH Taking A Little Break Before Going Through That 1.15 Resistance. http://t.co/spFL25R7Vk
Rob Jordan
24 Oct 14 06:51:32
One fund. Two reeling retail credits. $RSH $APP http://t.co/aMV8pzCGzI
Donald van Deventer
24 Oct 14 06:43:26
RT @KamakuraCo: RadioShack 1 Year Default Probability 41.67%, Down 4.12% Today $RSH http://t.co/sr07R5dOam via @salphatrending
Michael D. Armstrong
24 Oct 14 06:35:40
Ron Johnson's Enjoy startup announced. Feels like a Trojan Horse for a $RSH takeover & remake. http://t.co/IljSIURumz
Kamakura Corporation
24 Oct 14 06:11:14
RadioShack 1 Year Default Probability 41.67%, Down 4.12% Today $RSH http://t.co/sr07R5dOam via @salphatrending
Andreas Larsen
24 Oct 14 05:59:09
Stocks to Watch $APT $VSR $IBIO $DRYS $INFN $RSH $NOK $BBRY $LOGI $DGAZ $RGLS $NEWT #Stocks #Finance
24 Oct 14 05:53:38
RSH 1.03 Stock Charts $RSH RadioShack Corp. (NYSE) Last Updated: 10/24/2014 07:53:39 RSH Stock Chart - 1 Month http://t.co/OvmK9glgp5
Dilek Celik
24 Oct 14 05:33:41
The hedge fund behind $RSH http://t.co/PbRk9Or6hJ via @dealbook
Dilek Celik
24 Oct 14 04:57:07
24 Oct 14 03:28:57
RT @glennapetersen: The hedge fund behind $APP and $RSH http://t.co/TFKc2X7EHK via @dealbook
24 Oct 14 01:53:20
$RSH $SHLD aren’t in trouble because they have too much retail space.They are struggling cause their overall value proposition isn’t working
Vizimi Stocks
23 Oct 14 22:50:16
Thursday 10/23 News: $RSH closed up 10+% #NYSE #stocks
23 Oct 14 20:39:22
RT @PipsToDollars: $CRMBQ is a high risk play. Every should know this, just like $COCO $NEWL $RSH $GTATG all on the verge...up big today.
Leilani Pips
23 Oct 14 20:38:22
$CRMBQ is a high risk play. Every should know this, just like $COCO $NEWL $RSH $GTATG all on the verge...up big today.
23 Oct 14 20:14:05
Fri watch: Momo: $JNUG, $INFN, $WYY, $ALIM, $COCO, $GGB, $ROX, $TINY Chart: $NVAX, $RSH, $ACCO, $ANH, $DHX, $HT, $MACK, $MDMX, $SLM, $ZIOP
23 Oct 14 19:42:56
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
23 Oct 14 19:32:13
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
23 Oct 14 18:58:27
Trefis Forecast for US RadioShack Stores Gross Profit Margin http://t.co/jYuwTcaYcY via @trefis $RSH
23 Oct 14 18:46:22
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
Joshua Sanchez
23 Oct 14 18:34:08
$AAPL $FB $YHOO $BBRY $VXX $RSH $IBM $CMG $QQQ $SPY Go to http://t.co/xpMsaJTGMf for the live news conference on Ebola in NYC.
Glenn Petersen
23 Oct 14 18:02:04
The hedge fund behind $APP and $RSH http://t.co/TFKc2X7EHK via @dealbook
Alpha Maven
23 Oct 14 16:54:47
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
23 Oct 14 16:49:09
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
Scott R
23 Oct 14 16:28:43
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
Greg David
23 Oct 14 16:08:52
Sweet sign-up bonuses on stock trading websites here http://t.co/JjOWSvi7Q2 Related: $XCO $WLT $GSAT $RSH $FMCC $MDR $SID $INTK $MONIF $FST
Duke Rexx
23 Oct 14 16:03:04
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
23 Oct 14 16:00:02
23 Oct 14 15:56:24
RT @VexTrades: 10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
Brandon Hayward
23 Oct 14 15:42:21
10/24 Watchlist: $AGEN, $CLDX, $HDSN, $LRAD, $NVAX, $RSH, $VCRA, $VG, $WYY. http://t.co/IDMBKZbbz5
Johnny Neckbone
23 Oct 14 15:16:37
@jimcramer I have $MRK, $PFE, $CHD, $FAST, and $RSH am I deversfizised?
23 Oct 14 14:13:24
$RSH strong support on $1-1.03
23 Oct 14 14:00:03
23 Oct 14 13:49:52
Our Penny Stock Alerts Gained 371% In 2 weeks! Sign Up For Free Text Alerts For Our New Pick: http://t.co/Wsu24zYrur $TRMR $UAL $RSH
23 Oct 14 12:54:20
$RSH is up today
TV_Trading Ideas
23 Oct 14 12:54:07
Radioshack $RSH http://t.co/0sIyGTgiJB
Daily Contracts
23 Oct 14 11:58:14
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from RadioShack $RSH http://t.co/xYtz9V3Lyc
Wu Weed
23 Oct 14 11:54:44
$rsh bout to be new hod
23 Oct 14 11:24:40
$RSH good green tape to long
Alexander Morris
23 Oct 14 10:30:27
$RSH: 30mCrossSMA+ (1.01), 10%UpDays:12, 1NearHi, AtPivR2, tf:1111110, DyVol:3.06M:1.9x:0.5x, DyRng:8.7%:1x:0.9x; TLM:0.9 (PotLONG),
Anmol Singh
23 Oct 14 10:05:32
$RSH breakout level $1.10 $1.15 but I got in early in anticipation of a breakout and move to over $2 http://t.co/ystG6slUBM
Katy Alexander
23 Oct 14 09:52:06
$rsh..1.03..seems to be topping..intraday, longer term.
Peter Green
23 Oct 14 09:21:43
RT @OptionCast: Short Squeeze Alerts $USU $Ticker Symbol $COCO $ESI $RSH $JAKK $VHC $XON $JCP http://t.co/vRTWxV5Spu

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