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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)





Microsoft Corporation is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services for different types of computing devices.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 292455752781
CEO: Steven A. Ballmer
Employees: 94000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 789019
Sector: Technology
Industry: Application Software
Sub-Industry: Software - Infrastructure
NAICS: Software Publisher (511210)
SIC: 7372
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 425 882-8080
Address: One Microsoft Way
Address 2:
State: WA
City / Town: Redmond
Country: USA
Postal Code: 98052-6399


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Microsoft : "Two-Way Video Conferencing System" in Patent Application Approval Process http://t.co/6V8AmEOhoC $MSFT
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Microsoft : Patent Application Titled "Engaging Presentation through Freeform Sketching" Published Online http://t.co/of4U4yTrte $MSFT
31 Jul 14 10:30:09
Microsoft : Patent Application Titled "Rich Entity for Contextually Relevant Advertisements" Published Online http://t.co/bHXVcmOtta $MSFT
Jeff Ward
31 Jul 14 10:27:32
@jcoglan $MSFT . got it.
Charles McDonald
31 Jul 14 10:26:28
RT @ForTraders: Microsoft : Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Continuous and Dynamic Level of Detail for Efficient Po... http://t.co/…
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31 Jul 14 10:25:58
$MSFT: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Ditch Windows Phone, Robert Scoble and others http://t.co/ldSl6x8zpm http://t.co/BCD7YRdk91
31 Jul 14 10:25:20
Microsoft : Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Accumulation of Real-Time Crowd Sourced Data for Inferr... http://t.co/TlgMVmC1gQ $MSFT
31 Jul 14 10:25:08
Microsoft : Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Continuous and Dynamic Level of Detail for Efficient Po... http://t.co/P41fpvUjju $MSFT
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31 Jul 14 10:21:21
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Ditch Windows Phone, Robert Scoble and others $MSFT http://t.co/j9aPob6iSE
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31 Jul 14 10:20:22
$BRCM Volume http://t.co/Ku5jT5tjwR Also See: $MSFT $XNRG $MXIM $XUII ~
31 Jul 14 10:20:22
Microsoft : Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Predictive Contextual Toolbar for Productivity Applicat... http://t.co/De0YoQ75Xw $MSFT
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31 Jul 14 10:15:03
Berkeley And MIT Make Glasses Obsolete With New Display Technology.. http://t.co/bjFPf5vKrI $MSFT #tech #stocks
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31 Jul 14 10:14:48
Destiny's End-Game Raids Require Five Other Friends To Play.. http://t.co/MmJDFicpA6 $MSFT #tech #stocks
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The Surface Pro 3 Could Be Perfect With This One (And A Half) Thing.. http://t.co/inpplikGLf $MSFT #tech #stocks
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Economic News Today: Wage Growth Picks Up Speed.. http://t.co/th7j5YIaPs $MSFT #tech #stocks
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31 Jul 14 10:13:16
US judge orders Microsoft turn over customer's emails from overseas.. http://t.co/Jk0g8dOHjz $MSFT #tech #stocks
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31 Jul 14 10:13:01
US judge orders Microsoft turn over customer's emails from overseas.. http://t.co/t8z3Ye9nJ3 $MSFT #tech #stocks
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31 Jul 14 10:12:45
[$$] U.S. Judge Rules Microsoft Must Produce Emails Held Abroad.. http://t.co/4X0j67HwMX $MSFT #tech #stocks
David Elsley
31 Jul 14 10:11:15
Some big boys are on interesting levels right now - $AAPL, $FB, $MSFT, $GOOGL, $GILD, $AMZN, $QCOM - imagine if they hold here
31 Jul 14 10:09:48
A #US judge told @Microsoft that #US law enforcement can force turnover of emails on servers in #Ireland. $MSFT http://t.co/qYzoLoJ1c2
Wall Street News
31 Jul 14 10:05:58
$MSFT: Economic News Today: Wage Growth Picks Up Speed http://t.co/U6wVFa7yfj http://t.co/YcjKlFErkt
31 Jul 14 10:03:08
@JMaserati "$bbry sell off due to partnership w $msft Leads to believe wont spin off BBM"
Business Reports
31 Jul 14 09:55:54
$MSFT: How computer games make your real life better http://t.co/HXYB5hGtTP http://t.co/H2HhgmmEtq
31 Jul 14 09:55:18
Nobody can predict market tops, but we have been able to use $msft excel to study the relationship between ATR expansion & future returns
SNN Team
31 Jul 14 09:53:26
$MSFT - How computer games make your real life better -> http://t.co/WXaDI6LwKI #stock #stocks #stockaction
Rofiqi Setiawan
31 Jul 14 09:53:21
There's a proof of a Lieutenant General becoming a SharePoint engineer after retired. Basically, it's possible for Wowo to join $MSFT LOL 😂
Investors Hangout
31 Jul 14 09:49:57
$MRVL Chart http://t.co/Q9KDlMqQEw Also See: $MSFT $SEEK $TXN $BAC ~
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31 Jul 14 09:45:19
Why access a ticker when you could acesss a group of tickers- US Tech Giants http://t.co/kdZSg02suT $MSFT $TWTR $AAPL $FB $GOOG
Jason Stamer
31 Jul 14 09:43:27
$MSFT 17-Jan-15 47/49 Call Spread 568 @ 0.37 NBBO Mkt .36-.39
Quantpost Technology
31 Jul 14 09:43:07
$MSFT News Alert: http://t.co/3pTAX9JIRd Updated options view: https://t.co/jjTEpqLymQ All options views: https://t.co/gu71urLmud
31 Jul 14 09:43:05
#BlackBerry Shares Move On #Windows Phone Announcement $BBRY $MSFT http://t.co/Lm97mAacRQ
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31 Jul 14 09:41:50
$ONNN Yield http://t.co/ZBrayObDBs Also See: $WFC $TXN $KEY $MSFT ~
Craig Scott
31 Jul 14 09:37:58
$bbry sell off due to partnership w $msft Leads to believe wont spin off BBM
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31 Jul 14 09:34:18
$MSFT: Why Did Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Shut Down Its Xbox Entertainment Studios? http://t.co/uAvtDJy1pF http://t.co/zIpf2b7nr4
10 Handles
31 Jul 14 09:31:37
Why does Windows 7 always crash at the most critical moment? $MSFT makes crap. Thank god Ballmer is gone. Go fuck up the #LAclippers
Business News Watch
31 Jul 14 09:25:49
$MSFT: Sony Reveals Playstation Outselling Xbox 3:1 http://t.co/SjHGWtZz7B http://t.co/2iy0pNgFHg
SNN Team
31 Jul 14 09:23:23
$MSFT - Sony Reveals Playstation Outselling Xbox 3:1 -> http://t.co/Nhw6tQVsIc #stock #stocks #stockaction
31 Jul 14 09:22:22
Adam Bratt
31 Jul 14 09:20:05
3 Things Steve Ballmer Did Right $MSFT http://t.co/nDgOTFhHmU via @benzinga
31 Jul 14 09:14:24
$AAPL finding synergies at Beats. $MSFT at Nokia. Rich get richer for doing nothing.
iliya rybchin
31 Jul 14 09:10:40
Great work by @satyanadella to bring #innovation and #growth back to $MSFT - but the hard work is actually execution! http://t.co/W29mcILIj0
Thomas Rice
31 Jul 14 09:04:08
$MSFT holding up well, if you look over tech in general
Rosner Stocks
31 Jul 14 08:57:06
$AAL Last Price http://t.co/5WkIOBBBSA Also See: $MSFT $RAD $DAL $WNTR ~
Guru Algo Trading
31 Jul 14 08:54:49
Marc Faber: Finally US MArkets SELL-OFF in full swing, it's drastically OVERBOUGHT $PCLN $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG $TSLA $MSFT $IBM $AAPL $QQQ
Kevin Restivo
31 Jul 14 08:50:28
@MattRosoff Yes, fair comment. That commitment is a reflection of the issue too as $MSFT is at its core a Windows-led company.

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