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Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)





Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 11809486246
Employees: 2964
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 1318605
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Autos
Sub-Industry: Auto Manufacturers
NAICS: Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing(336211)
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 650 681-5000
Address: 3500 Deer Creek Road
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: Palo Alto
Country: USA
Postal Code: 94304


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Where will Tesla Motors (TSLA) get the tons of lithium it will need to make advanced batteries at its Nevada gigafactory? Is there an opportunity for profit in lithium mining…
Just one day after news started to trickle in that Elon Musk had publicly acknowledged what pretty much everyone had already been privately speculating, that there was a potential for…
When SolarCity (SCTY) announced its acquisition of solar panel manufacturer Silevo in June, the speculation about how Tesla (TSLA) and SolarCity would be joining forces ran rampant. I, for instance,…
The natural resources space has been difficult in recent years. Potash prices collapsed, uranium spot prices hit a nine-year low, the gas market was in glut. Only oil has stayed…
Steve Palmer, founder of AlphaNorth Asset Management, has a "buy cheap, sell dear" investment strategy that wins, as the outperforming return on one of his investment funds demonstrates. In this…
Tesla Motors (TSLA)  recently announced its highly anticipated Model III all-electric compact sedan, which will sell for around $35,000. And if the Model S is any indication, the Model III…
Are you brave enough to buy straw hats in winter? From uranium to oil services to lithium, savvy investors can find innovative ways to make money based on fundamental supply…
Graphite. Lithium. Rare earth elements. What do these metals and minerals have in common? They are playing bigger and more critical roles in widely used big kid toys like smartphones,…
Celebrated investor Peter Lynch famously said, “invest in what you know.” This method enables investors to profit from local market trends before they become international sensations. Millennials – those born…
Tesla Motors (TSLA) was slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit by a Chinese businessman on Tuesday, an ongoing problem that was thought to be resolved months ago. Additionally, Beijing’s massive…


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30 Sep 14 20:36:05
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30 Sep 14 20:30:28
$TSLA don't forget that two week production halt a a while back to ramp up production. I see ER to be very positive when Nov. rolls around
Future Tech Investor
30 Sep 14 20:02:39
30 Sep 14 19:56:48
i remember when $TSLA was at around $50 give or take and @pennies4stocks was sayin this thing was gonna go way higher..
Rohit Gupta
30 Sep 14 19:53:12
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$TSLA hit into the $240's we mentioned last week. Close below today's low should take us to our $230 target. #stillshort #stocks #trading
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Not an easy tape. Today's video recap & look ahead $spy $spx $iwm $baba $cybr $aapl $tsla $fb $loco $bac http://t.co/KzfTBkTlym
Michael Wilson
30 Sep 14 17:58:31
@canuck2usa did you hold $TSLA ? Just curious
30 Sep 14 17:56:26
RT @UPBOptionMil: $TSLA bears of last year at $75 have turned into this years $GPRO bears at $90 - let's see how this works out
Green Guy
30 Sep 14 17:45:35
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TradersRule 25/7
30 Sep 14 17:35:49
$TSLA closes below yesterday, not momentum setup but the low is the next measured move as shown. 2.17/1 Sellers. http://t.co/dSclCZFf2i
30 Sep 14 17:32:01
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Carolyn B Miciano
30 Sep 14 17:03:44
Killer monthly income strategy using spreads http://t.co/i8Sj1jelk2 $CMG $TSLA $BIDU
30 Sep 14 17:02:39
Anacott Steel
30 Sep 14 17:00:47
"@jackdamn: "@gtlackey: 9/30 RS Movers http://t.co/rRDMJ6bR65 [ ] $EBAY $MPC $AEGR $MU $HSY $LLL $COG $S $KBH $FSLR $BVN $TSLA $TASR""
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30 Sep 14 16:58:25
Carolyn B Miciano
30 Sep 14 16:48:01
Free course - Capital usage with Options http://t.co/96VSoTjY5e $CMG $TSLA $BIDU
G. Thomas Lackey Jr
30 Sep 14 16:45:50
September 30, 2014 RS Movers http://t.co/c61IjRTl3W no sectors $EBAY $MPC $AEGR $MU $HSY $LLL $COG $S $KBH $FSLR $BVN $TSLA $TASR
Mark B. Spiegel
30 Sep 14 16:32:18
@TeslaAgnostic How can someone as dumb as that writer afford a $TSLA ? His "greatest CEO" has never run a company that made money!
30 Sep 14 16:20:05
Peak Elon Musk? $tsla http://t.co/9bUZ0bOl4g
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live to surf
30 Sep 14 16:06:41
@nobullshytrader they will come with downgrades when $tsla hits 200 and thats when u think about buying back!
30 Sep 14 16:04:42
"@bumblebeecharts: $F $GM $SPY $TSLA August Sales http://t.co/YUOlTe0VaS"
30 Sep 14 16:04:14
$TSLA Below 50 day, still on watch list, no postion How close will it get to 150 day ema? $F $GM http://t.co/9FJE0Oxqtn
Scott Smith
30 Sep 14 16:02:51
$STUDY Some good examples of when (WHY) to assure profits (before/after charts posted) $UEPS $JRJC $TSLA and more http://t.co/xxERGcMO9s

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