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JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase (JPM)





JPMorgan Chase & Co is a financial services firm and banking institutions. its segments are Corporate & Investment Bank, Consumer & Community Banking, Commercial Banking and Asset Management.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 206370311019
CEO: James S. Dimon
Employees: 258965
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 19617
Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Banks
Sub-Industry: Banks - Global
NAICS: Commercial Bankin (522110)
SIC: 6021
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 212 270-6000
Address: 270 Park Avenue
Address 2:
State: NY
City / Town: New York
Country: USA
Postal Code: 10017


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26 Nov 14 02:38:38
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Analyst Ratings
26 Nov 14 00:54:46
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Williemae Gerard
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