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Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Co. (F)





Ford Motor Company is a producer of cars and trucks. Its business is divided into two sectors: Automotive and Financial Services.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 60068828627
Employees: 171000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 37996
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Autos
Sub-Industry: Auto Manufacturers
NAICS: Automobile Manufacturin (336111)
SIC: 3711
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 313 322-3000
Address: One American Road
Address 2:
State: MI
City / Town: Dearborn
Country: USA
Postal Code: 48126


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Social Mentions about your company in the last seven days
25 Oct 14 17:54:34
$F looking like shes ready, I am looking forward to the new F150 http://t.co/WzlnUb3H0i
25 Oct 14 16:44:22
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/J9ho7VEifd
25 Oct 14 16:34:47
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/DNUEzjF6v2
Shawn Lawson
25 Oct 14 16:30:05
25 Oct 14 16:29:06
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/zOzfO9ubrW
Randy Jones
25 Oct 14 16:27:40
* * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * *
25 Oct 14 16:25:10
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/SafGTL7P7b
25 Oct 14 16:21:09
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/iWXM5Fy59j
25 Oct 14 16:20:59
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/geu0QO5vBl
25 Oct 14 16:19:29
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/tlGAKKqfIL
25 Oct 14 16:19:24
ClayTrader: * * $F Video Chart 10-24-14 * * http://t.co/uCejy6Rqm1
25 Oct 14 16:00:04
jay gonzalez
25 Oct 14 15:36:10
In $F.
ஓLoly ☜♥☞
25 Oct 14 15:01:29
@7loverspirit mwa ossi!!! mé ses bon sur $f tu mavez pa prit lé truk quon maver ofers alor g te pardon!!!!
25 Oct 14 14:56:13
#fact: Why is the domain of $F(t) = t^t$ for $... http://t.co/4ChWpjWbVJ
Edward Gofsky
25 Oct 14 14:44:06
RT @muathe: [VIDEO] Weekend Market Analysis 10/25/14 $FB $T $BABA $AAPL $F $MSFT $ES_F $DRYS $QQQ $GM $SPY $PBR $PFE $VALE $FNFG http://t.c…
Matt Soleyn
25 Oct 14 14:11:58
Catching up on The #AmazingRace. Last week's episode was so definitely sponsored by #Ford. $F #tv
25 Oct 14 14:09:32
Ford pulse Ford $F maintains operating margin of 3.57 %: http://t.co/68dE6y9qD8
25 Oct 14 13:51:46
Our Penny Stock Alerts Gained 371% In 2 weeks! Sign Up For Free Text Alerts For Our New Pick: http://t.co/dLDRavoCi4 $XLF $F $FN $MSFT
Alysia Sarkisian
25 Oct 14 13:06:00
RT @TheStreet: .@RubenRamirezNYC talks to @Ford CFO Bob Shanks about $F financial results and European progress: http://t.co/5adsF8tsLl
25 Oct 14 13:04:34
RT TheStreet: .RubenRamirezNYC talks to Ford CFO Bob Shanks about $F financial results and European progress: http://t.co/Eutgt3FBNl
Quantpost Service
25 Oct 14 13:00:56
$ANF $KORS News: "Turning Point $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM $JOY …" http://t.co/5y21Phlh0m Board view: https://t.co/KNZMWhrek0
Quantpost Industrial
25 Oct 14 13:00:54
$CAT News: "Turning Point $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM $JOY $KO …" http://t.co/GItQxxNnyf Board view: https://t.co/1lkWh7VnWN
Quantpost Cnsmr Good
25 Oct 14 13:00:54
$F $GM $KO News: "Turning Point $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM $JOY …" http://t.co/PEv39poFjF Board view: https://t.co/zNSW39viTT
Quantpost Technology
25 Oct 14 13:00:54
$FB $IBM $TWTR News: "Turning Point $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM …" http://t.co/aRk6LTyapF Board view: https://t.co/ekb8ymq7dT
Quantpost Basic Mats
25 Oct 14 13:00:54
$HAL News: "Turning Point $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM $JOY $KO …" http://t.co/EM8i2gTQ47 Board view: https://t.co/5k9Cn3kccy
Seeking Alpha
25 Oct 14 13:00:52
Turning Point http://t.co/gSE6ZdzF8n $ANF $CAT $COH $EMC $F $FB $GM $HAL $IBM $JOY $KO $KORS $TWTR $VMW
25 Oct 14 13:00:02
.@RubenRamirezNYC talks to @Ford CFO Bob Shanks about $F financial results and European progress: http://t.co/5adsF8tsLl
Class Actions News
25 Oct 14 12:35:02
Defective #gastank straps on #FordF150 #pickuptrucks prompt product liability lawsuits #ford $f #autos #cars http://t.co/aNx0T4NbSy
David smith
25 Oct 14 12:15:42
$F is going to sell a lot of trucks into year end and next year!
Ted Dunne
25 Oct 14 12:05:04
Oh, really? When? >>> Ford CEO: We tore apart a Tesla. We could build one like it. http://t.co/cOhI4O7RGw $TSLA $F
25 Oct 14 11:59:26
F 13.78 Stock Charts $F Ford Motor Co. (NYSE) Last Updated: 10/25/2014 13:59:26 F Stock Chart - 1 Month http:/ http://t.co/VeRUWWjM3g
25 Oct 14 10:54:51
Our Penny Stock Alerts Gained 371% In 2 weeks! Sign Up For Free Text Alerts For Our New Pick: http://t.co/dLDRavoCi4 $XLF $F $FN $MSFT
25 Oct 14 10:53:50
Ford Motor Company Earnings – The Primary Takeaways http://t.co/1mZRzQthyE $F http://t.co/Jj4RF0qTDh
@DoN_Alerts: ,
Sub d
25 Oct 14 10:21:26
Ali (Rz) $ $f.Don.alrts. sand 40404
25 Oct 14 09:41:31
RT @muathe: [VIDEO] Weekend Market Analysis 10/25/14 $FB $T $BABA $AAPL $F $MSFT $ES_F $DRYS $QQQ $GM $SPY $PBR $PFE $VALE $FNFG http://t.c…
25 Oct 14 09:40:07
[VIDEO] Weekend Market Analysis 10/25/14 $FB $T $BABA $AAPL $F $MSFT $ES_F $DRYS $QQQ $GM $SPY $PBR $PFE $VALE $FNFG http://t.co/JjsxlVKtD2
Stefan Cheplick
25 Oct 14 09:16:53
Amazing "@Ford: @scheplick China is a huge opportunity for us, especially as we expand capacity & introduce Lincoln $F #FordEarnings ^Bob"
Don Leon
25 Oct 14 09:14:17
@jimcramer do your homework before you say $F doesn't have the right vehicles. #lazyanalysis
25 Oct 14 09:08:14
ÇözümSürecine 3ŞehitDahaVerdik #BBP #MY @ALPERENCE27 $f
bahattin durnur
25 Oct 14 09:08:13
ÇözümSürecine 3ŞehitDahaVerdik #BBP #MY @eseydaa $f
rasih matuk
25 Oct 14 09:07:52
ÇözümSürecine 3ŞehitDahaVerdik #BBP #MY @erimelsu $F
25 Oct 14 09:07:51
ÇözümSürecine 3ŞehitDahaVerdik #BBP #MY @alprnreis79 $F
Heath Sterling
25 Oct 14 08:36:35
How To Play The Market Buy The Dip Sell The Rip https://t.co/uIGvzNb5in http://t.co/084C0f60aA $MS $F $SO $TWTR $AAPL $FB #marketWatch
25 Oct 14 08:29:56
Yüksekova'da 3 şehit. PROVAKASYON açıklamasını ilk hangi kahpe yapacak? @Servet_Avci @Mustafa_Destici @dbdevletbahceli @mebhurcerib $f
25 Oct 14 08:29:34
Yüksekova'da 3 şehit. PROVAKASYON açıklamasını ilk hangi kahpe yapacak? @Servet_Avci @Mustafa_Destici @dbdevletbahceli @jenjale $F
Adli Mehmed
25 Oct 14 08:26:12
Yüksekova'da 3 şehit. PROVAKASYON açıklamasını ilk hangi kahpe yapacak? @Servet_Avci @Mustafa_Destici @dbdevletbahceli @rasinevdegul $f
25 Oct 14 08:25:50
Yüksekova'da 3 şehit. PROVAKASYON açıklamasını ilk hangi kahpe yapacak? @Servet_Avci @Mustafa_Destici @dbdevletbahceli @alevli22 $F
25 Oct 14 08:11:23
RT @Pichiriflu94: Solo me se al abecedario de la $A a la $F
Lara Muñoz Sanchez
25 Oct 14 08:08:33
RT @Pichiriflu94: Solo me se al abecedario de la $A a la $F

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