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Best Buy Co. Inc.

Best Buy Co. Inc. (BBY)





Best Buy Co., Inc. is a multinational retailer of consumer electronics, computing and mobile phone products, entertainment products, appliances and related services.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 9137800637
CEO: Hubert Joly
Employees: 165000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Last Audit: UE
CIK: 764478
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Sub-Industry: Specialty Retail
NAICS: Radio, Television, and Other Electronics Store (443112)
SIC: 5731
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 612 291-1000
Address: 7601 Penn Avenue South
Address 2:
State: MN
City / Town: Richfield
Country: USA
Postal Code: 55423


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In our last article, we looked at three key patterns: ratio of green to red candles, wide-range green candles in an uptrend, and continuations above 50/100/200 moving averages. In this…
So Best Buy (BBY) says tablet sales are crashing. Not slowing… crashing. That means devices like the Apple iPad, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy. Actually this should not be a…
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I remember when Samsung (SSNLF) introduced their new curved display, big-screen TV. It sounded new and innovative and exciting. However as time passed and the more I thought about it,…
Investors, are you in the market for a piece of a big box retailer that’s failing to adapt to the sea-changes brought on by the internet? Then Best Buy (BBY)…
March 31 marks the end of the first quarter of 2014, and, with it, a fourth of the fiscal year is in the books. We’re starting to get an idea…
The ongoing battle between various state legislators and Tesla Motors (TSLA) has been an interesting reframing of political talking points, to say the least. On the theoretical Right, you have…
Thursday’s Results: ●     Standard & Poor’s 500: -1.17 percent to 1,846.35 ●     Dow Jones Industrial Average: -1.41 percent to 16,108.89 ●     NASDAQ: -1.46 percent to 4,260.42 Stocks on Wall Street…


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16 Sep 14 21:28:31
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Bill Gunderson
16 Sep 14 12:47:41
Nice breakout in Best Buy $BBY Stock rising in rank. No position
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16 Sep 14 12:31:54
Best Buy: A Solid Buy As The Recovery Continues http://t.co/xiHqLimYOJ $BBY
16 Sep 14 12:02:46
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Thomas Bruni
16 Sep 14 12:00:10
$BBY looking to fill the gap up toward the mid 37s. Buyer of ~5k Jan 15 36 calls for $2.07 earlier today. http://t.co/gTQnC1QfKo
16 Sep 14 11:37:57
$AAPL at half gap on day. no pos. $BBY slow n steady
David Blair
16 Sep 14 11:08:31
Our Triggered Trades Review: Pre-Market http://t.co/aYDSaOwJrV Bullish trades holding up well $NOC $TWC $MDT $LB $AMGN $BBY $JNJ etc $STUDY
16 Sep 14 10:52:49
Greenberg: Should Amazon Buy RadioShack or Best Buy?. $AMZN, $BBY. http://t.co/rFu7AIKmZg
16 Sep 14 10:50:30
RT @Briefingcom: $BBY: Best Buy edging back toward session high http://t.co/sSh2S4DO4r
16 Sep 14 10:26:46
$BBY: Best Buy edging back toward session high http://t.co/sSh2S4DO4r
Steve Mahoney
16 Sep 14 10:19:42
@AskCiti FYI: WallStreet - another data point for your Shorting models $BBY $C - shameful and just plan Rude
16 Sep 14 10:17:00
CEO Sex Scandals that Rocked Their Company $goog $APP $BBY $bp $ba http://t.co/ws2O9e47mY
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16 Sep 14 10:08:23
Why Best Buy $BBY Stock Is Higher Today http://t.co/DtwxElsUKS
Kooler Aid
16 Sep 14 09:23:32
$BBY chugging along... gap area closer by the day
16 Sep 14 09:21:40
$JCP $PFE $BBY…good looking into Oct
16 Sep 14 08:53:03
MidCap #Stocks Trend $MYGN $DWA $GLNG $HUM $GMCR $ZU $CST $KOS $BAH $FL $RS $BBY $ETFC $HSY $IBKR $CYN $STI @ http://t.co/tf79gD96D3
16 Sep 14 08:52:30
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $HUM $GMCR $BBY $ETFC $HSY $STI $SCHW $PRU $VFC $WFC $HBAN $CVS $BAC $NOC $PGR $CMA $GHC @ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
16 Sep 14 08:28:33
$BBY look tasty
The Jason Jackamonis
16 Sep 14 08:23:29
$BBY still looking good... Target around the $36 level... Could come down a bit tomorrow on some FED news
Jim Van Meerten
16 Sep 14 08:01:36
Commented on: "Best Buy - A Bright Spot In Electronics Retailers" http://t.co/ZBhJhiZZ41 $BBY $CONN $HGG $RSH
16 Sep 14 07:59:11
$BBY consolidating weekly R1 pivot. let it ride!
Jim Van Meerten
16 Sep 14 07:12:39
Best Buy $BBY is a bright spot in consumer electronics http://t.co/v0nvj9uK3d
Zero Filter
16 Sep 14 07:12:14
Impact $BBY #pricematch to #online likely more #disruptive #Holiday than appreciated #RevengeofBricks $AMZN $GPRO #cnbcfastmoney #jimcramer
16 Sep 14 07:09:47
RT @themicrx: $NTEK first $SNE news then $BBY , IDK if today will be a great day but the future looks HUGE!!!!
Tricia Bradley
16 Sep 14 07:02:25
$BBY remains strong.
16 Sep 14 06:50:45
$BBY in the open gap still one of my fav charts right now….once market gets off the Schneid, 37.50 is tgt
Seeking Alpha
16 Sep 14 06:40:59
Best Buy - A Bright Spot In Electronics Retailers http://t.co/pOW6mnkwNd $CONN $HGG $RSH $BBY
Shiraz Lakhi
16 Sep 14 04:48:07
$BBY reversing UP from oversold RSI on STRONG (Above Avg) Volume - P/E < 15 http://t.co/UtmTQHiUGw (click "Refresh" for latest screen)
Paul Mc.
16 Sep 14 03:36:42
$NTEK first $SNE news then $BBY , IDK if today will be a great day but the future looks HUGE!!!!
16 Sep 14 03:03:26
Weekly MidCap #Stocks Trend $LE $JDSU $ALR $GLNG $BBY $TAP $WSM $IBKR $ICE $ZU $DRI $FNFG $KOS $HDS $ETFC @ http://t.co/tf79gD96D3
16 Sep 14 03:03:09
Weekly MidCap #Stocks Performance $LE $ULTA $JDSU $ALR $GLNG $UTHR $CLF $PANW $PAY $EGN $BBY $TAP $WSM more@ http://t.co/tf79gD96D3
16 Sep 14 03:02:52
Weekly S&P500 #Stocks Trend $BBY $TAP $CME $ICE $DRI $ETFC $GHC $CMA $MO $PFE $FDX $VFC $MS $CSX $WFC $HSY @ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
16 Sep 14 03:02:34
Weekly S&P500 #Stocks Performance $BBY $TAP $CME $ICE $ABBV $DRI $ZMH $AAPL $RTN $LUV $THC $TGT $KSS $ETFC more@ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
15 Sep 14 23:20:40
RT @OptionAlert: Notable gainers among liquid option names this morning include $TAP (+7.1%), $DRI (+3.6%), $MO (+2.4%), $NUE (+2.0%), and …
15 Sep 14 17:52:19
RT @carrascoaa: Best Buy is using $NTEK's #4K channel Ultraflix to showcase #4K in stores: https://t.co/uWsXpza31b $BBY $SNE $FB $TWTR $NFLX
Jerry Darmalingum
15 Sep 14 17:20:22
3 Reasons the iPad Is Sliding - and the Tablet Biz May Follow http://t.co/oQ43WsH6i3 via @daily_finance $AAPL $BBY $GOOG
15 Sep 14 17:17:13
RT @carrascoaa: Best Buy is using $NTEK's #4K channel Ultraflix to showcase #4K in stores: https://t.co/uWsXpza31b $BBY $SNE $FB $TWTR $NFLX
Stoxline Investing
15 Sep 14 17:10:16
Top Buy Stocks for Sept.16: $BAC, $BBY, $NOK, $TRW, $WFC http://t.co/LJybfnyOo3

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