​The Future of Alcohol is Hangover-Free: Here’s How This Company Does It

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Can you imagine enjoying your favorite vodka or whiskey without the headache, achy body or “cloudy brain” that often results the next morning, especially after “one too many?” If it were invented, it would be an instant success and million-dollar idea, right?

Maybe even a billion-dollar idea considering that George Clooney and his two buddies last week sold their Casamigos tequila brands to Diageo (DEO) for up to $1 billion after only four years of building the brand. Clooney embarked on the journey not for the money, but simply to develop a great-tasting tequila that he and his friends and family could drink all day long without a hangover the next day.

The market has spoken about the quality of Casamigos’ taste, while the claims about the hangover effect remains purely speculative.

The fluid experts at Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:CVAT), www.cvatinfo.com aren’t leaving things as hyperbole, they’re taking their own products to the lab to prove that great tasting alcohol can be clinically proven to reduce hangovers. CVAT is working with several universities on this front, examining the chemical composition of spirits to better understand the physical impact.

The advanced purification technology company traditionally has been industry-facing, with its proprietary technology used for things such as edible oil refining, amongst other applications. Now, CVAT is amid R&D to address a lucrative market opportunity in the alcohol space. In turn, the company is consumer-facing for the first time.

Proven, Award Winning Technology

The initiative is not CVAT’s inaugural run at alcohol and spirits. In fact, they’ve shown that they can dramatically expedite the slow process of oak barrel aging. Understand that besides traditional barrel aging being time consuming, only low-energy reactions are possible. These are the changes at the molecular level that give alcoholic beverages their distinct attributes. They are also the reactions that CVAT’s innovative technology can accelerate.

Moreover, a final product is mostly subjective to winemakers’ tasters (or master distillers of any product for that matter) to determine if the flavor, sensation, aroma, etc. are up to snuff. When they are, most commercial wines are infused with preservatives and other additives to prevent oxidation and protect the flavor and color of the wine.

CVAT has a way to standardize and optimize the aging process, making drinks taste better while drastically reducing production time. CVAT’s COO/CFO Neil Voloshin says that in a matter of about one minute, his company’s technology can “age” a beverage by five to ten years.

“We’ve found a way to make your favorite spirits smoother, taste better, and best of all, remove the hangover effects of alcohol,” Voloshin said. “Our proprietary process and technology enhances the best parts of alcohol without having to undergo the lengthy distilling process. Basically, you end up with a vastly superior product in much, much less time.”

And the proof is in the sniffer. The company’s Cameo Vodka brand was the highest-rated American vodka by Tastings.com with a score of 95 points, denoting it as “exceptional”. Cameo’s other flavor-infused variants have also won numerous high-ranking awards as well. In 2011, the Double Gold Medal winner in the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco was on by gin produced by CVAT’s breakthrough process.

The Consumer Channel

According to Money TV’s Don Baillargeon, even an inexpensive cognac can be transformed into a quality level that left him “blown away.” Baillargeon said that the taste of the inexpensive CVAT-treated cognac would be something that he would expect to pay “$50 or $75 per sniffer in a fine dining restaurant.”

While there are plenty of hypotheses on what causes hangovers, including dehydration and the immune system itself, no one knows for certain. According to Neil Voloshin, his company’s proprietary process leads to a substantial reduction in toxins and chemicals in alcohol, constituents that are believed to contribute to hangovers.

Given the boom in craft and home brewed wine and whiskeys, CVAT could find tremendous commercial success by eliminating the cumbersome and painstakingly slow barrel aging process.

This high-margin revenue channel will further bolster the books of the already profitable company. By running a lean ship, CVAT keeps its burn rate low, leading to a net profit in fiscal 2016 (ended June 30, 2016) and remaining on course to book another net profit when the current fiscal year was concluded on Friday, June 30, 2017. With quarterly results on the near horizon and progress being made as a leader in hangover-free spirits, investors have ample reasons to stay closely attuned to what’s next for CVAT.

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CVAT Cavitation Techs Inc 0.02 -0.00 -1.35 13,500


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