​Jeff Kagan: Sprint is the Bell of the Comcast, Charter, Google Ball

Jeff Kagan  |

Sprint (S) quality, reliability, coverage and speed are getting better and better, quarter after quarter. In fact, other big and important companies like Comcast (CMCSA), Charter (CHTR) and Google (GOOGL) Project Fi are either talking with or already working with Sprint. That would be a big risk to their growth if Sprint were not a good quality network.

There has been so much talk about a possible merger with T-Mobile (TMUS) merger, that no one has been paying much attention to other possibilities, and there are always other possibilities. Suddenly, Sprint, Comcast and Charter have started exclusive talks. There is benefit to both sides if a deal can be struck, which is exactly why it is being explored.

So, what would be the benefit to Sprint, Comcast and Charter if they did get together? The cable television companies have committed to re-enter wireless. Comcast began a few weeks ago and Charter will do so next year. However, they have no network of their own.

So, like Google Project Fi, they are reselling other wireless networks. Google resells Sprint and T-Mobile. Comcast and Charter resell Verizon (VZ) Wireless. So, this potential deal would help Sprint and may also hurt Verizon Wireless.

The benefit to Sprint would be partnering with the cable television industry, which could be a growing force in wireless going forward. If so, there are countless smaller cable TV companies who could also use Sprint for the same reason. This is a potentially huge growth opportunity for Sprint.

This is also a potential blow to Verizon Wireless, who until now thought they had the exclusive with the cable TV industry. But as we have all learned, things can change quickly and often do. Remember when the iPhone and Android hit the marketplace one decade ago throwing Blackberry (BBRY) and Nokia (NOK) from number one all the way to the bottom.

T-Mobile may also have an interest in merging with Sprint, but their talks are on hold for the next few weeks while Comcast and Charter negotiate. So, one way or another it looks like there is plenty of interest with other winning companies merging with Sprint.

So, within all this noise, let’s not lose track of one important point. Sprint has done a remarkable job at repairing and building their company in the last several years. Who would have seen this coming a few short years ago?

Sprint is suddenly the bell of the ball. This potential deal is a pat on the back for Sprint. Apparently, they have improved dramatically in recent years if companies like Comcast, Charter and T-Mobile are interested in talking about getting together and using their network to deliver wireless services to their customers.

After all, Comcast and Charter currently partner with Verizon Wireless. So, moving to Sprint is a great pat on the back to CEO Marcelo Claure and Chairman Masayoshi Son on the great job they have done with the company in recent years bringing it up to Verizon standards.

After all, if the service was bad, no one would be interested. Especially since Comcast and Charter are currently working with Verizon Wireless. So, whether anything happens with this cable television negotiations or not, having this kind of interest from Comcast, Charter and T-Mobile, and the partnership with Google Project Fi is great news for Sprint, their customers, workers and investors.

I have been saying over the last several years, Sprint continues to improve quality, reach and reliability. Today, Sprint has excellent service compared to just a few short years ago. It’s good to see all these other companies saying the same thing.

So, while no one knows what will happen next, one thing is for sure, wireless is beginning the next growth wave and Sprint is in great shape to play an important role in that growth. Stay tuned.

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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
GOOGL Alphabet Inc. 1,199.10 -13.81 -1.14 1,916,892 Trade
S Sprint Corporation 5.47 -0.09 -1.62 14,969,816 Trade
TMUS T-Mobile US Inc. 59.41 -1.11 -1.83 2,738,589 Trade
CHTR Charter Communications Inc. 291.14 -8.46 -2.82 1,436,839 Trade
VZ Verizon Communications Inc. 50.75 -0.39 -0.76 9,524,190 Trade
NOK Nokia Corporation Sponsored American Depositary Shares 5.96 -0.08 -1.32 16,459,974 Trade
BBRY BB BlackBerry Limited n/a n/a n/a n/a
CMCSA Comcast Corporation Class A Common Stock 34.91 0.87 2.56 41,627,718 Trade


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