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Investors and Companies Meeting Behind Curtains Near You

These exclusive dinners are where CEOs and investors can really get deals done.

In busy restaurants behind cordoned off dining areas, investors and companies are meeting, talking and learning. Today, these are the way opportunities present themselves, and on a nice California night in a busy Beverly Hills restaurant, accredited investors and family offices gathered to hear company CEOs talk about their products and strategy. These invitation-only dinners are usually intimate affairs, where investors get a first-hand introduction to new opportunities. Last night, in the heart of Beverly Hills there was a curtain drawn, hands were raised for rapid-fire Q&As and C-Level leaders were demonstrating their wares to an educated audience. The event was the Investor Wealth Builder Series we sponsor on a regular basis.

Investing in 2017 takes a different turn from previous investing cycles. I think the major difference is the speed that a company can get a foothold securing operating capital, much of this change resulting from the emerging Crowdfunding wave that enables smaller investors to have legitimate access to companies. You can be sitting next to an analyst from Goldman Sachs Wealth Management on your right, and on your left can be a presenter with an innovative technology that enables you to talk to Alexa (Amazon – AMZN) and place real-time stock orders. The world has become ultra cool in 2017 as the investing playing field has leveled.

On this night, we heard presentations from six companies.

BRC Loans – Ken Chong, Executive Vice President

BRC Loans is a direct private lender providing loans to experienced real estate developers of commercial and residential projects. BRC Investment Company is a private lender which makes bridge loans to investors who buy and rehabilitate value-add properties in California. Mr. Chong oversees capital markets for BRC Investment Company with responsibility for raising investor funds for BRC’s second commercial bridge fund.

Eyes 4 Lives – Dr. Roger Wu, CEO

Dr. Wu is an optometrist and proprietor of the Concord Medical Eye Center in West Covina, California, who founded Eyes 4 Lives in 2010. The company has created a sensor device to effectively monitor an individual’s computer screen interaction in real-time to reduce issues that can lead to myopia, digital eye strain, and dry eye. The company’s Dr. i-Coach monitors proper screen distance, ensures proper computer breaks, analyzes and ensures proper blink rates, checks for ideal environmental light settings and monitors proper sitting height.

Knightscope – William Santana Li, CEO

Knightscope develops and deploys advanced physical security technology utilizing autonomous robots, analytics and a user interface for patrolling both indoor and outdoor environments. The company offers its comprehensive suite of technologies on a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model at an hourly rate significantly below the available alternatives, including human patrol agents and mobile vehicle patrol services. Knightscope intends to use its “Software + Hardware + Humans” approach to help reduce the enormous negative economic impact of criminal activity on the US economy, provide significant cost savings, and provide additional capabilities for human guards.

Quants – Gokham Kisacikoglu, CEO

Quants develops complete portfolio solutions with real-time risk scenarios in quantitative platforms and is dedicated to offering strategic alternative products for investors, advisors and fund managers. The company is planning to streamline and democratize the sophisticated risk management by releasing new Exchange Traded Funds using derivative overlays and an online platform for automation. Mr. Kisacikoglu is the founder and the chief developer of Quants. He managed the company’s alternative fund in 2011 and has been developing the asset allocation and risk management strategies.

Voleo – Thomas Beattie, CEO

Voleo has developed a stock trading app specifically designed to be accessible, collaborative, friendly and fun for both new and established investment clubs. The app enables individuals to form new investment clubs with their peers and make more informed investment decisions by tapping the collective expertise of the club members. Voleo enables intuitive, simple interaction among your investment club members, allowing you to propose, discuss, and vote on trades with your peers anywhere, anytime. The company aims to create a new generation of connected investors who feel informed, empowered, and confident.

VTeal – Omkar Pallothu, Founder

VTeal is developing voice-enabling technology that powers online services. The company’s Cognitive AI Cloud links with businesses’ online services, enabling real-time voice commands for consumers. Mr. Pallothu demonstrated a prototype of an interface that accepted voice commands to execute a stock trade through Alexa. He has two decades of experience as entrepreneur and innovator, creating disruptive solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Citi, Bank of New York and EDS. He’s on a mission to democratize cognitive artificial and voice controls for the benefit
of every small and large business.

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