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Dan Riccio, Apple’s Head of Hardware Engineering, Transitions to New Role at Company

Longtime Apple veteran John Ternus is promoted to Riccio's old spot.

Image: Dan Riccio (left), John Ternus. Source: Apple

Apple announced Monday that Dan Riccio, its longtime head of hardware engineering, is transitioning to a new role at the company.

Riccio, who's run hardware engineering since 2012 and has been with Apple since 1998, will be "focusing on a new project" and continue to report directly to CEO Tim Cook, according to the company's press release.

In his 23 years at Apple, Riccio has been a leader in the design and development of landmark products including the first generation iMac, 5G iPhones, Macs based on Apple's own M1 chip and AirPods Max.

John Ternus, who has been a vice president of hardware engineering at Apple since 2013, has been promoted to take Riccio's former spot.

Ternus joined Apple in 2001 in the product design team and has overseen the development of several groundbreaking products including the first generation AirPods, every generation of iPad and, most recently, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.


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