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California Investigating 600-Gallon Oil Spill From Chevron Refinery

About 600 gallons of a petroleum-water mixture spilled into San Francisco Bay from Chevron's Richmond refinery.

Video source: YouTube, NBC Bay Area

California authorities are investigating a Chevron Corporation refinery spill that leaked about 600 gallons of petroleum and water into the San Francisco Bay on Tuesday.

The spill was discovered around 3 p.m. Tuesday, when Chevron first noticed a sheen on the water by the wharf at its Richmond refinery and started working to contain it, the company said. 

Chevron, along with local, county and state agencies, stopped the leak about 5 p.m., and clean-up efforts are ongoing, according to NBC

In a tweet, Contra Costa County supervisor John Gioia said the refinery’s pipeline was leaking roughly five gallons per minute of oil and gasoline mixture into the bay.

The spill’s cause, as well as extent of damage, is still unknown.

No oil-covered animals had been found, but the public was urged to report any oiled wildlife they spot.

One of the largest oil spills in the Bay occurred in November 2007, when a Cosco Busan container ship in heavy fog hit the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and leaked more than 53,000 gallons of oil. The spill killed an estimated 6,800 birds and shuttered local beaches due to damage. 


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