AT&T inks pact aimed at curbing global emissions

AT&T, L&T Technology in pact to combat global emissions.

Nabaparna Bhattacharya

Discover: AT&T Inc. entered a pact this week with L&T Technology Services aimed at curbing global emissions. Both companies will combine their resources and expertise in a collaboration aimed at developing advanced solutions to significantly minimize environmental impact. Read more: Microsoft’s AI-based sustainability platform.

Inspire: “As we work towards achieving the gigaton goal, we know that it’s […]

Carbon offsets are bringing new investment to Appalachia, but most locals aren’t benefiting

Carbon offsets bring new investment to Appalachia, but local aren't benefiting.

Gabe Schwartzman

Central Appalachia is home to the third-largest concentration of forest carbon offsets traded on the California carbon market. But while these projects bring new investments to Appalachia, most people in Appalachia are not benefiting.

The effect of this new economic activity is evident in the Clearfork Valley, a forested region of steep hills and meandering […]

2021 climate law fines oil companies for methane pollution. The bill is coming due.

Climate law fines oil companies for methane pollution. The bill is coming due.

Naveena Sadasivam

The Inflation Reduction Act, the 2021 U.S. climate law abbreviated IRA, primarily reduces emissions through financial incentives, rather than binding rules. But in addition to all its well-known carrots, lawmakers quietly included a smaller number of sticks — particularly when it comes to the potent greenhouse gas methane, which has proven to be a […]

Efficient, eco-friendly lithium extraction could make Argentina a big EV force

Efficient and eco-friendly lithium extraction could make Argentina big in EVs.

Discover: During the “Mining Unearthed: Navigating the Ore of Innovation” virtual event, Miles Rideout, vice president of exploration at Argentina Lithium and Energy Corp., shed light on the company’s mission. Operating from Vancouver and focusing on Northwest Argentina, the firm delves into lithium brine deposits.

Rideout stated, “We’re focused on exploring and then developing lithium brine deposits in […]

We can see where cable TV customers are heading. Why can’t the cable companies?

We know where cable customers are heading: Why don't the cable companies?

Has cable TV seen its day? If so, what’s next? It has been struggling against cord cutting and increasing competitive pressure for more years than most realize. In fact, traditional cable TV is even disappearing from the marketplace. So, let’s take a look at what is happening, where the cable TV and broadband loss is […]

We’re on the cusp of widespread consumer crypto adoption

The rise of consumer crypto

Steve Kaczynski  and Scott Duke Kominers

Although non-fungible tokens are often misunderstood and even derided, they remain a general and flexible solution for establishing and tracking ownership in the digital domain. As a superior solution to existing technology in many areas of the consumer economy, their widespread adoption is all but inevitable.

CAMBRIDGE – Since its inception with […]