How Does Foursquare Benefit Users? - Jeff Glueck - CEO, Foursquare

Foursquare's CEO Jeff Glueck talks about how the company's data set is unique among tech companies.

 2 minutes 51 seconds

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Using Satellite Imagery to Predict Market Success - Dr. James Crawford, CEO, Orbital Insight

Optical Insights CEO Dr. James Crawford utilizes sophisticated data analytics from high-tech satellite imagery.

 5 minutes 19 seconds

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What is itBit? – Andrew Chang, Chief Operating Officer

itBit and Bankchain is a clearing and settlement network that uses blockchain technology to accelerate post-trade processes for financial institutions. Here from Andrew Chang, the company's COO on how it works.

 2 minutes 10 seconds

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What is – Enzo Villani, CEO CEO Enzo Villani talks about the current state of the market for emerging growth companies and why they need a voice to help them tell their unique stories.

 2 minutes 44 seconds

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Why People are Hungry for Digital Insights – Jeff Glueck, CEO, Foursquare

At the EQUITIES Emerging Growth and Innovation Forum, Jeff Glueck of Foursquare articulates the value of location-based check-ins and what it tells marketers about the offline economy.

 1 minute 32 seconds

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Pursuing Happiness Efficiently – Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment

At the EQUITIES Emerging Growth and Innovation Forum, Jon Stein of Betterment shares his thoughts on becoming the Google or Amazon of the financial services industry.

 1 minute 39 seconds

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What Netflix and Chill Means to Modern Marketing -- Eli Pakier, MRY VP, Group Strategy Director

At the EQUITIES Emerging Growth and Innovation Forum, Eli Pakier of MRY breaks down the future of content consumption and why this trend is great for quality brands.

 2 minutes 42 seconds

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What is an Emerging Growth Company? – Enzo Villani, CEO of's CEO Enzo Villani talks about the evolution of the capital markets and the need to support emerging growth companies at the EQUITIES Emerging Growth and Innovation Forum.

 1 minute 33 seconds

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Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy Talks Innovation in the Live Events Market

Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy sits down with's Silvia Davi to talk about how live events are becoming the preferred area of consumer spending. Goldstar helps people get out more to live entertainment, like theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts and even things like wine tastings, sushi making classes and rodeos.

 5 minutes 46 seconds

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