Meet Knightscope's High-Tech Security Robots

Knightscope CEO William Santana Li brings the company's cutting-edge robots to the Nasdaq market site!

 3 minutes 38 seconds

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How NABUfit is Bringing World-Famous Sports Stars to Their Fitness Apps

NABUfit Global Inc. CEO Brian Palm Svaneeng Mertz explains to Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi how their fitness app is using social media and sports stars to conquer the world.

 4 minutes 58 seconds

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How Does Monaco Growth Forums Connects Entrepreneurs with High-Value Investors?

Monaco Growth Forums CEO Andreea Porcelli on upcoming events for entrepreneurs and high-value investors in United Arab Emirates and Napa Valley.

 4 minutes 29 seconds

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Why Does NIN Ventures Invest in AdTech?

NIN Ventures LLC CEO Nin Desai explains the growth potential expected in the industry in the near future...

 1 minute 6 seconds

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Interview with Nin Desai, CEO of NIN Ventures

NIN Ventures LLC CEO Nin Desai explains how the venture capital company is changing the VC space.

 5 minutes 56 seconds

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How is the Music Industry Becoming More Social?

IndiMusic TV CEO Chris Pati explains the end of media industry gatekeepers and the socialization of music.

 1 minute 23 seconds

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Why is IndiMusic TV Putting Finance Experts on Their Board?

IndiMusic TV CEO Chris Pati details the importance of filling a board with diverse minds with various fields of expertise.

 1 minute 40 seconds

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What is IndiMusic TV?

IndiMusic TV CEO Chris Pati explains the process that took him from musician to social and tech entrepreneur in the online music industry.

 2 minutes 21 seconds

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Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Chairman on Fintech's Future

WSBA Founder and Chairman Ron Quaranta explains his take on the rapidly changing banking industry to Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi.

 6 minutes 15 seconds

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Banfi Wines Co-CEO Cristina Mariani-May on the Company's Innovation and Legacy

​Banfi Wines Co-CEO Cristina Mariani-May details the company's innovation and legacy to Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi.

 7 minutes 44 seconds

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