How to Use Video Effectively in Your Company's Marketing Strategy

DS Simon Media President and CEO David Simon explains how video is an increasingly essential tool in your company's marketing arsenal.

 5 minutes 5 seconds

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How eSignature Group is Securing Financial Transactions

eSignatureGuarantee Co-Founder Seth Farbman on how his company is picking up the slack of big banks when it comes to fintech.

 6 minutes 33 seconds

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How Does Guild Investment Management Navigate Financial Markets?

Guild Investment Management Executive Vice President Tim Shirata offers his insights on what we can expect from the market in this political environment.

 4 minutes 39 seconds

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The Creators of the Film Equity on Bringing Gender Diversity to Wall Street

Equity (2016) writer, actress and producer Alysia Reiner and executive producer Candy Straight on how their film is influencing young women in the working world.

 12 minutes 11 seconds

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How GSV Capital Helps Investors Get in On the Next Big Market Disruptions

GSV Capital Chairman and CEO Michael Moe explains how their firm allows investors to take part in the pre-IPO boom times of many startup companies.

 6 minutes 43 seconds

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Meet the CEO Who's Sharing Beauty Secrets from Around the Globe

Power Beauty Living Founder and CEO Shalini Vadhere has traveled the globe to find the best beauty secrets. Here, she shares a few with broadcast contributor Silvia Davi.

 9 minutes 28 seconds

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How Knightscope Uses Tech to Supplement Security

Knightscope CEO William Santana Li explains to broadcast journalist Silvia Davi how the company's robots aid security professionals.

 6 minutes 34 seconds

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How Does Apollo Enterprise Solutions Inspire Customer Engagement?

Apollo Enterprise Solutions CEO Joseph Konowiecki explains the company's cutting-edge customer engagement technology to broadcast contributor Silvia Davi.

 6 minutes 23 seconds

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Meet Knightscope's High-Tech Security Robots

Knightscope CEO William Santana Li brings the company's cutting-edge robots to the Nasdaq market site!

 3 minutes 38 seconds

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How NABUfit is Bringing World-Famous Sports Stars to Their Fitness Apps

NABUfit Global Inc. CEO Brian Palm Svaneeng Mertz explains to Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi how their fitness app is using social media and sports stars to conquer the world.

 4 minutes 58 seconds

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