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For the past 30 years, I have been involved in startups, as a founder, and active investor. My first company was purchased by Johnson & Johnson, which set the foundation for future investments.  My level of trading escalated after graduating from college, primarily as a result of my relationship with the founder of the Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Institutional Venture Partners, (Netflix, Twitter, Oracle). By focusing on VC backed companies, I soon learned the advantage of investing in promising companies before they became household names.  My investment style focuses on extremely undervalued catalyst driven companies, with best in class products or services. This has proven to be an effective strategy because in the last 4 years, 100% of the companies I’ve analyzed have delivered significant short-term shareprice appreciation.  Each analysis involves at least 200 hours of due diligence including interviews with management, scientists, customers, and opinion leaders. This high level of due diligence is necessary in order for me to establish large equity positions in the companies I consider.

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