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Raf Howery is the CEO and founder of Kukun. He started Kukun with the mission to transform the home remodeling industry from an offline, fragmented, and frustrating undertaking to an online, modern, and user-friendly experience. His early career began with an interest in pursuing work as an architect before going on to work in the technology sector. In his personal life, Raf bought and renovated old homes as a hobby throughout the years, which allowed him to learn the secrets of the renovation trade. A conversation with a real estate agent and friend triggered the concept for Kukun. His goal was to take away the anxieties associated with home renovation and bring transparency to the process. Before launching Kukun, Raf’s experience was as a senior leader in technology. Raf built his career on discovering, capturing, and acting on opportunities. He has the innate ability to see future market trends - and the experience to know how to prepare for them. He has built products, business models and plans and turned them into profitable businesses. He has turned around teams, built billion-dollar relationships and advised CEO's and CIO's. His experience spans numerous areas including: strategy, complex problem solving, eco-systems construction, infrastructure services, cloud orchestration, aggregation, global channels, telecom, media, entertainment, and more. He has held leadership positions at companies including: Bell Atlantic, Ernst & Young, Capgemini (UK, France, & US) and TechDeal. Raf Howery built Kukun from scratch and has already achieved impressive traction in less than 6 month since launch and the company continues to grow.

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