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About fifteen years ago, Steve Cinelli envisioned the impact of information technology and the Internet on the world of private capital formation. He co-founded Offroad Capital, the first online market system to intermediate private financing between emerging growth companies and an online investor community. Since then, one of the fastest growing financial services industries, crowdfunding, has taken shape and is now exploding. Since then, Steve has taken a look at another industry in need of retooling, housing finance, and has designed the framework of changing the way homebuyers and homeowners finance their homes. In founding PRIMARQ, Steve intends to open up opportunities for first time and sequential buyers, investors, mortgage lenders, and even the federal government to create a financially sound construct enabling asset building and wealth creation, while dispelling the excessive leverage we have come to experience. As technology is applied, conventional banking models need to adapt and with the breadth of shadow banking initiatives altering the financial services landscape, Steve foresees the role and viability of conventional institutions being disrupted permanently. Steve has been a frequent speaker and conference panelist on a variety of topics, including financial technology, banking and capital markets, crowdfunding and housing finance. He also served as a founding panelist at Oxford University, within its “Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford”. His writings have been featured in Housing Wire, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, INMAN News, and The Street.

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