“I’ve been a friend of the Equities.com team for many years, and I’ve always appreciated their mission of building a community for market experts and thought leaders to create meaningful discussions. They’ve created a great resource for investors with compelling content, social networking, proprietary research tools, and more. I’m excited to see what else they have coming down the pipeline.”

— John Mauldin, President of Mauldin Companies

“Rather than sensational, surface-level sound bites, Equities.com offers in-depth discussions with investment professionals that dive deeper in relevant topics.”

— Sam Stovall, Managing Director U.S. Equity Strategy, S&P Capital IQ

“In this world of overwhelming information that bombards us every moment of every day, it’s reassuring to turn to Equities.com, and find financial news and market education presented in a clear, reader-friendly format. The content is compelling and actionable—offering real value to traders and investors. As well, I really enjoy working with the highly professionalEquities.com team, and I look forward to contributing content to this growing site for a long time to come.”

—Toni Turner, President, TrendStar Trading Group LLC

“I think Equities.com does a great job of clearing the fog of confusion away and helping readers make right choices. As an industry analyst for nearly thirty-years I have written for and been quoted in tens of thousands of news stories. With all that experience, I give Equities.com a thumbs-up. I think Equities.com hit’s the nail right on the head. It helps so many trying to understand this constantly changing tech industry.”

— Jeff Kagan Technology Industry Analyst

“It is hard these days for investors to stay current without getting bombarded with too much noise. Equities.com provides investors a real sense of community in a well-organized and responsible way. It is a great resource to stay connected to a vast team of professional investors and contributors in almost all the asset classes. Equites.com continues to evolve and push the boundaries to provide investors with current information previously only available to the largest institutions.”

— Jordan Kimmel, Portfolio Manager for Investview

“It’s been great contributing to Equities.com over the years; their editorial and management team is very professional. Working with Equities.com has been a very successful experience and it’s been a pleasure working with them to contribute article content to their site to help the active trading community.”

— Ken Calhoun, President of DaytradingUniversity.com

“When I see what Equities.com is trying to do for small-cap investors, I recall my content-king days at CBS MarketWatch and MarketWatch.com. Content is always king. Equities.com is making headway. I use it; it uses me.”

— Thom Calandra of The Calandra Report