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Initial State

Initial State is an Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics & data management platform company. We turn sensor and event data into information that matters by making it easy to visualize and interact with data from internet connected devices. We believe hobbyists (makers), small companies, and enterprise alike need an easy, affordable means to harness the power of the IoT. Our tools are being used to monitor and analyze robots, home automation systems, manufacturing lines, greenhouses, irrigation systems, cars, servers, weather, hobby projects, and so much more.


The IoT is poised to grow to over 50 billion connected devices and projected to add $1.7 trillion to the global economy by 2019. 92% of that $1.7T is expected to come from software makers and infrastructure companies. The collection of intelligence enabled by the IoT will be the primary driver of this emerging opportunity. Data analytic services built specifically for IoT data are necessary to maximize the value the IoT can provide to individuals and businesses.


Our technology stack was developed to deliver a consistent, secure, and fantastic experience for our users at large scale. RESTful APIs (accessed over HTTPS/TLS 1.2) provide a simple means for users to send and retrieve data to and from our high-performance, high-reliability back-end service (i.e. database, data store) in real-time. Our back-end service is both cost and performance optimized for IoT event data (data with a timestamp) and automatically scales to handle huge bursts in either data ingestion or consumption around the planet.

A set of interactive, real-time data visualizations were built from the ground-up to provide our users a unique and powerful way to visualize their data. Each visualization is accessible via a modern web browser. When paired with our high-performance back-end, users can stream data from their devices and have a near instant transformation of that data into dashboards, waveforms, charts, etc. Our solution can be easily embedded into other websites.

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