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Blockchain currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) provide a new disruptive way to transfer value between parties over the internet as opposed to going through banks. GoCoin provides online merchants with a suite of software to better engage their consumers. Once our easy to install payment gateway is integrated into the merchant checkout flow, the eCommerce site will not only accept credit cards, but their customers can pay with Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies. Upon first checkout, shopper will have the opportunity to securely save their payment preferences into the GoCoin wallet. Like ApplePay, the GoCoin wallet tokenizes multiple credit cards, and distinguishes itself by also managing multiple blockchain currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

Most consumers expect loyalty points or rewards as part of their shopping experience. The GoCoin platform provides a full blockchain backed loyalty program that gives merchants the ability to provide discounts and incentives to engage customers and increase sales.

GoCoin earns revenue from gateway transaction fees and margin on selling blockchain currencies.

Company Status

After launching service in December 2013, there were 3 major milestones reached in December 2015. After 6 straight months of steady growth, November and December were both cash flow positive months (setting aside the one-time cost of the merger). We successfully processed our one millionth transaction on the platform and, most significantly, completed the merger with Ziftr LLC & ZiftrCOIN LLC.

December will prove to be another record month in terms of the highest number of transactions, total dollar value and transaction fee revenue. For the first time since Bitcoin mining sales fell in 2014, other vertical markets have finally come on as predicted. This week GoCoin secured a long-term contract with our largest merchant and continue to seek the same with other high volume customers.

GoCoin now process more Blockchain transactions for payments of goods and services than any competitor worldwide. So don't think of GoCoin as the illusive "unicorn" everyone is looking for...think "Clydesdale" ... strong, steady and getting the job done!

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Emerging Growth

Singlepoint Inc

SinglePoint Inc is a mobile technology company engaged in mobile payments, mobile giving, and mobile bidding. It operates mobile commerce and communications platform to accept mobile credit card payments.

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