Private Markets

Cross Campus

With over 500 members and operating 80,000 square feet by summer 2016, Cross Campus is one of the country’s top ten shared, collaborative office or "coworking" operators in the US. We operate locations in Santa Monica and Pasadena, and are slated to open a Downtown LA location in March, with additional locations in development.

Coworking took off after 2008, fueled by changes in how people work across the economy. Today it represents less than 2% of the office market, but we believe it will grow to 15% - 30% over the next decade, creating a significant market opportunity.

In addition to providing workspace and services, Cross Campus has built one of the leading business event platforms in the world today, having hosted people like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, and others.

Led by an experienced executive team and strong investor backing, Cross Campus has the vision and team to become a brand leader. The growth plan today focuses on owning the Southern California market, but the longer term vision is global.

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Emerging Growth

Relevium Technologies Inc.

Relevium Technologies Inc is engaged in the acquisition of products, technologies and businesses relating to musculoskeletal function, specifically Pain Relief, Injury Recovery and Active Performance.


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