ZocDoc Brings Simplicity to Booking Doctors Appointments

Destiny A. Lopez  |

These winter months mean one thing: everyone is getting sick. No matter how hard we try to avoid coming into contact with the sneezing, sniffling, stuffy and coughing masses, it’s only a matter of time before one wakes up with a sore throat. Although the solution seems simple enough, it’s not so easy to see a doctor for us nine-to-fivers, entrepreneurs and other busy members of the tech age.

Between finding a doctor in our network, checking on prescriptions, and filing claims, having to book a doctor’s appointment is, often, put off. The process can be frustrating, especially when there are no appointments available for the at least a week, or, heaven forbid, if you are a new patient and are coughing over mounds of new paperwork. With ZocDoc , healthcare has, finally, adapted to our on-the-go society.

ZocDoc, a company that gives patients the ability to book medical appointments through a mobile application, is the long awaited marriage between healthcare and the emerging mobile services market that truly provides solutions for the modern patient. Along with booking appointments instantly with a doctor in one’s local area, patients can fill out forms online, compare doctors through a star rating system, and receive reminders regarding checkups. The app designed with patients in mind is catching on, with, according to the company website, over 5 million people throughout the United Stated using the service every month.

“My family has a 300-year-old tradition of being doctors and I believe old fashioned values can be combined with modern medicine and technology,” said Oliver Kharraz, Founder and CEO of ZocDoc. “I work at ZocDoc because I want to build a service that puts patients first.”

The company has furthered its mission to focus marketing to patients with, as revealed today, a new logo and app design. Motivated by the trillion dollar purchasing power of Millennials, in an interview with Inc., Richard Fine, Zocdoc's vice president of marketing, estimates that over half the company's business will come from mobile in 2016.

"If you think about the user we most appeal to, it's often younger employed, often female patients," said Fine. "As a company, we are absolutely looking at growth. It [the re-brand] is meant to help us attract and retain."

With the company’s many reported milestones, ZocDoc is all the buzz of the healthtech world. In recent months, the company raised $130 million in venture capital funding for a reported $1.8 billion valuation, and is reported to be backed by a number of tech industry leaders, including Atomico and Goldman Sachs.

By taking the pain out of making a doctor’s appointment, ZocDoc not only provides a unique investment opportunity within the healthtech sector; their innovative app leaves all of us without excuses for procrastinating that long overdue health checkup. Finally, for patients, there’s an app for that.

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