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Zadar Ventures (ZAD:CA) – Strategically Entering the Petrolithium space

Zadar has positioned itself as a resource company focused on the acquisition and exploration of economical green energy resources. The company's recent moves into Petrolithium assets has alot of investors

Zadar Ventures (ZAD:CA), an interesting company that’s been somewhat flying under the radar, has been releasing some notable news releases recently. Zadar has positioned itself as a resource company focused on the acquisition and exploration of economical green energy resources. The company’s recent moves into Petrolithium assets has alot of investors turning heads, and the main aspect of this report (outlined below after Lithium and Uranium assets).

Zadar’s Strategic Lithium Assets

The company has lithium claims in Clayton Valley, located immediately adjacent to the Lithium producing Albemarle Silver Peak Mine. Drill holes just East of the property have already identified Lithium in the solutions. There is proven Lithium bearing brines in this Basin. Zadar expects to commence Drill Testing on this WSP Project in Q2 2017.

Zadar’s Uranium Assets

Zadar also has strategic claims to Uranium assets, continuing on with their theme of greener resources, especially with renewable energy becoming ever so important. These assests are located in the Athabasca Basin, near existing and newly identified Uranium discoveries.

Zadar’s Key Edge: Recent Progression on Petrobrine Assets

The company has differentiated itself in the Lithium space by working on a revolutionary methodology for lithium extraction through petrobrines, which has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Petrobrines are saline formational waters associated with petroleum production, which could potentially have economical benefits through the extraction of Lithium through these waters. As drillers pump massive amounts of water along with their drill rigs for oil and gas, the water which eventually surfaces can have a wide array of input in it, the most important being Lithium of course. Often, this water is disposed of by the producers as there hasn’t been sensible methods of separating the Lithium from other inputs in the water. This problem represents a huge opportunity for Zadar,

Earlier this year, Zadar entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a private Alberta Company to purchase up to 38,000 hectares of land prospective for lithium bearing petrobrines in Manitoba. The jurisdiction well-known for its oil production in the southeast section and historic lithium production in east central Manitoba at the Tanco Mine at Bernic Lake, Manitoba.

Production of Manitoba petroleum reservoirs has been consistent since the mid 1980’s and many of these oil production reservoirs are either in direct contact with carbonates hosted within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, such as the Bakken Formation. sedimentary carbonate rocks in the area are a potential source rock for lithium brine accumulation. There are well established petroleum production basins in the area, and a large amount of exisiting saline waters potentially enriched with Liithium.

President Paul Gray, P.Geo. commented, “The demand for low cost lithium production in stable jurisdictions is going to be the key driver in the ever growing energy storage space. These Manitoba petrobrine fields offer a rare opportunity to leverage on the existing handling of saline waters potentially enriched in lithium at surface, and Zadar will be determining if this is an economically viable opportunity.”

Positive results in the aforementioned processes for another company which showed extraction of Lithium in Alberta is MGX Minerals, which investors quickly caught on to and resulted in a great share price appreciation. This is what excites me about Zadar’s move into Petrolithium. With the ever increasing demand for Lithium with the renewable energy surge, costs control become key for economically viable operations.

Here is where it can get very interesting for Zadar. On April 4, 2018, the company rapidly advanced the Petrolithium business by signing an MOU with Flowback Solutionz, a Canadian oil well waste water treatment company, to test FlowBack’s innovative and proprietary waste water treatment technology for the purpose of lithium extraction from Petrobrines from the Company’s Manitoba Petrobrine projects. FlowBack currently provides turn-key solutions for oil/water separation, H2S removal and tailings pond remediation services utilizing its patented Flowback NanoBubblerTM technology. Flowback specializes in solids separation, electrocoagulation and gas infusion technologies for the oil & gas, mining, industrial and construction industries. The results of the tests will be the next driver in Zadar’s recent value-added Petrobrine moves. The fact that Zadar is moving rapidly in advancing the Petrobrines can create some serious catalysts for the company, which investors should take note of and watch closely.

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