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Why You Probably Talk to AI All the Time (And Just Don’t Know It)

Here's how common AI is becoming and how it is helping in our everyday lives.?

84% of people have interacted with artificial intelligence in the last year, and half of people have done so without even realizing it. This infographic from CallMiner outlines how common AI is becoming and how it is helping in our everyday lives.

It seems like everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is effecting our lives at home, at work, as well as how we communicate, shop and consume media. And AI is changing the customer experience! With the capability to not only process data, but predict insights and drive business decisions, AI will be the cornerstone in the future of customer service for customers and your call center agents.

See in our infographic below more insights and predictions on how AI is changing the customer experience for the consumer and in your call center.

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