Why the VidWrx Comparison to Uber Makes a Ton of Sense

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The rapid growth of online video content in recent years cannot be overstated. It has become an essential part of every marketing and advertising strategy today. Just a few years ago, video was predicted to become the next big thing. Today, it is unquestionably the most talked about and fastest growing trend in the content marketing world. According to a new study by Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) , online video will account for over 80% of online traffic by 2019. Each day, in the US alone, nearly 200 million people are watching over 50 billion videos, according to ComScore.

With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets replacing desktops, consumers are accessing videos at anytime, anywhere around the world (By 2020, 55% of all mobile traffic will be from video). More and more players are flooding the market, helping to expand distribution and monetization of the online video marketplace. Just recently, Facebook, Inc. (FB) announced that it had surpassed YouTube, citing daily video views of over 4 billion. A string of acquisitions such as Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) buying AOL, Inc. (AOL) ($4.4 billion) and Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) buying BrightRoll Inc. ($640 million) are just a few examples of the tech industry investing in video solutions.

Yet, despite the proliferation of video technologies to disseminate and monetize content, there is one vital aspect that has been completely ignored – and that is the actual creation of video content, primarily when it comes to corporate marketers around the world. From a competitive standpoint, a business without a video is akin to one without a website in today’s world. The landscape of video production is still incredibly fragmented.

It’s an issue that VidWrx Inc. (VID:CA) sees as a significant obstacle for the industry’s next growth phase, but also a tremendous opportunity for the company to seize. Often described as the “Uber of Video”, VidWrx actually draws many parallels to the popular, on demand ridesharing app that’s taken the world by storm. By creating a structured platform that connects customers with a vetted network of video production professionals, VidWrx—just like Uber—provides a consistent and cost-effective service behind a trusted brand.

“With Uber, you don’t know the driver and there is no cash transaction. You rely on Uber’s technology and processes that quickly and easily connects customers to a curated network of drivers and vehicles,” said George Fleming, CEO of VidWrx, in a recent interview with Equities.com. “VidWrx works in very similar way. We have a vetted network of about 3,400 videographers across North America. To be called a VidWrx videographer, you must have proven capability and experience. Our processes ensure that every video professional is ranked and rated by their skill level on our platform before they can qualify to work on any production assignment. Our seamless backend ensures that online ordering and project tracking is a breeze for clients”

According to Fleming, video has gone from being a luxury item in marketing to a necessity for businesses, and VidWrx is positioned to become the world’s largest video production provider to service that growth trend.

“[We have] become a turnkey, front-end solution where ordering video is simple and easy,” he said. “Another great analogy is the website creation process in the 1990s. Back then, when you needed a website, you went to a web development company where they would build it by hand using HTML. From there, templates and software came out that grouped together functions and made it easy to build your site. Today, you can go online and get a free website from Wix (WIX) or GoDaddy (GDDY) .”

Going back to the parallels of Uber, which is an undeniably disruptive force in the transportation industry, the Company is currently seeking to raise $1.5 billion at a $50 billion valuation, was founded in 2009 and its success has been meteoric – thanks in large part to the demand for revolutionary innovations in today’s market. VidWrx’ strategy to essentially achieve the same impact on the video production market could have major implications on the company’s position in the marketplace.

“We’ve turned video production into something that is simple to use and as accessible as Uber is,” Fleming said. “Our video production services are available, on demand, anywhere in North America in unlimited volume at some of the lowest price points in the market.”

But VidWrx has also evolved to become much more than just a video production provider. The company has aligned itself with major partners in the industry to create more of a full-service offering for its customers, expanding its turnkey platform solutions to provide a one-stop shop for everything video.

The company has integrated its video production platform with over 20 of the major SaaS Internet marketing platforms such as Google Inc. (GOOG) , Facebook, Oracle Corporation (ORCL) , Eloqua ($ELOQ), Marketo Inc. (MKTO) , SalesForce.com Inc. (CRM) , and more. VidWrx has also made major in-roads to provide video production for major multi-location, national chains such as YellowPages, AAMCO Transmissions, and Maaco body shops across North America.

“VidWrx has been busy building its credibility and proving that the model really works. This has put us in a position where we have the only solution for scalable video production at the point in time when the market is beginning to really need it,” Fleming said. “It’s put us at the right place, at the right time.”

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