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Why Annaly Capital Is a Choice for Income Investors

The yield on the stock right now is greater than 10%.

Annaly Capital Management (NLY) is worth a close look right here. The company is the largest mortgage REIT in the world with a market cap of almost $14 billion, notes Todd Shaver, editor of

The yield on the stock right now is greater than 10%. Their diversified business model has them investing in agency loans, residential credit, commercial real estate and middle marketing lending.

The Agency group invests in agency mortgage-backed securities collateralized by residential mortgages which are guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Ginnie Mae. These are the safest government bonds around but do carry interest rate risk.

The Residential Credit group invests in non-agency residential mortgage assets. This area is more complex because there is no government guarantee, but the opportunity for enhanced investment returns is greater.

The Commercial Real Estate group originates and invests in commercial mortgage loans, securities, and other commercial real estate debt and equity investments, which is a great way to pick-up real estate exposure in your portfolio.

The Middle Market Lending group provides financing to private equity-backed middle market businesses across the capital structure, which can be quite lucrative.

The company is very well run, in fact, the best in the industry, and the board of directors appointed CEO and president Kevin G. Keyes as chairman effective January 1, 2018.

With a 10% dividend yield and sturdy fixed income investments across asset classes, we see compelling value in the stock. If we see a volatile equity market, their portfolio of mortgage-backed securities should provide steady income to support the $1.20 dividend that is covered by earnings.

Higher interest rates could cause some near-term volatility, but Annaly will be able to reinvest at the higher rates ultimately driving higher dividends that should appeal to any high income-seeking investor.

Todd Shaver is founder and editor in chief of

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