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White Knuckle Time

A spastic rally broke down yesterday as expected at projected resistance and produced a loss for the day.Today: a slight firming in the U.S. stock-index futures suggests a mixed to positive open.

A spastic rally broke down yesterday as expected at projected resistance and produced a loss for the day.

Today: a slight firming in the U.S. stock-index futures suggests a mixed to positive open. Essentially we are in limbo – just a lot of balls up in the air. If we get some breaks as noted below, we are looking at new bull market highs. Otherwise, the market must probe lower where it finds a comfort level that discounts uncertainties and negatives.

Odds favor a further drop, initially to DJIA 12,275 (S&P 500: 1307).

Brooksie’s Daily Stock Market blog: An edge before the market opens.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 9:24 am EDT

DJIA: 12,446
S&P 500: 1313.64
Nasdaq Comp.: 2781.91
Russell 2000: 829.86

We are bordering on white knuckle time as Wall Street and the world are focused on whether the Congress will find a face-saving way to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default on certain obligations as well as the disastrous consequences that would follow.

Common sense dictates the decision will take us to the edge, but the limit will be raised, at least enough to buy time to work out an acceptable debt reduction plan for the future.

This is pure politics, and unacceptable – a poor, bullheaded way to run Congress, and especially with the global financial picture so precarious.

So far, it appears Wall Street believes a deal will be worked out. I think so too, but I am not sure they “get it.”

If Congress fails, it is possible President Obama can invoke the 14th Amendment which would allow him to override the default.

On Monday, I headlined, “July Could Be a Pivotal Month.”

It isn’t as a rule, but so many negatives could switch to positives in a heartbeat, stocks could blast off.

What’s needed:

The obvious – Debt ceiling increase

Fears of economic slump must prove unjustified in face of economic reports that suggest a temporary softening. We get a bunch of reports this week (see blog 7/12) on Treasury Budget, producer/consumer prices, jobless claims, inventories, New York area business, production and consumer sentiment.

Reasonable stability in the European sovereign debt situation.

Q2 earnings: No ugly surprises, hopefully some unexpected good news.

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