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For any trader or entrepreneur, the daily grind of reading depressing headlines and perusing a constant stream of data can be physically exhausting and mentally draining. While you may long for a vacation, for most of us, the demands of work are nearly ever-present. However, there is one great way to reset your brain and rejuvenate your spirit: Reading a great book!

No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop bouncing from one great book, and from one genre, to another. A good mixture of fiction, non-fiction, and provocative books are necessary for a well-rounded life.

If you agree, then you’ll appreciate this list of must-read books that you’ll want to add to your list. I understand, you probably have your 2017 reading list planned-out already. Well make room, you won’t regret adding these “un-put-downable” books!

Are you ready to get a glimpse of heaven?

Join Martha Brookhart Halda as she shares her incredible journey to the Other Side. Just be warned, you might not be the same after reading this book.

On a fateful night, Halda was thrown from her vehicle during a horrific car crash. She died not once, but three times. Then she came back. Her life changed forever, and when you read this memoir, you will find out why.

The Fragrance of Angels is filled with love and challenges. It is a tale about physical beauty, emotional upheavals, frustrations beyond compare, as well as spectacular triumphs.

There is also a surprise that I must admit, I never saw coming; it is something Martha realized when she visited Heaven, and you will soon know it, too.

This is a book that will lift you up, bring tears to your eyes, and laughter to your heart. Trust me, The Fragrance of Angels needs to be added to your reading list today.

Book Two from Deborah Pratt’s epic The Vision Quest Series, called The Academy, has just been released in the Anniversary Edition. Guess what, I honestly can’t put it down. It follows me everywhere and I don’t want it to end!

You probably remember Pratt from from the television show Quantum Leap. She was the co-creator, executive producer and the head writer. Plus, she was also the voice of Ziggy—if there is one person who knows science fiction, Pratt does.

Her Vision Quest books are a five-part series that combines science fiction and fantasy in an adventure like no other. It delivers a journey that you’re not expecting, but you’ll be glad you took it.

Imagine the world 120 years from now. Great earthquakes have transformed our world, and huge mega-corporations have merged together to create an oddly unified planet. Everything is for the better and going great, until a race of genetically-engineered beings called “biodroids”, which are known as The Black Guard, come onto the scene to threaten humanity.

You’ll enjoy every moment of the anniversary edition of this series, even if you read it the first time. It has been reimagined and updated with fantastic, new cover art. The Vision Quest is a futuristic masterpiece that’s found its time today.

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This is the debut novel from Jason M. Primrose and it’s also the first in The Cluster Chronicles Series. It is the story of Allister Adams, a young superhuman who becomes part of a controversial and mysterious government-run organization that’s in a race to find alien artifacts on Earth.

Our young hero soon discovers that the Andromeda Project isn’t the only organization searching for this elusive power, though. In the end, he needs to decide who is right, who is wrong, and what is necessary to prevail.

This book is a mixture of genres that appeals to readers in a variety of ways. Fans who enjoy fantastical adventures blended with thought-provoking science fiction will be instantly drawn in.

The art is amazing, and it helps the book come to life in your hands. You’ll want to dig right into the next book in the series, which is fortunately coming out very soon. Get your copy of The Andromeda Project now, and get ready for a non-stop thrill ride.

Earth Day is coming up, which means it’s the perfect time to read about this real-life battle against a strain of killer seaweed that attacked the California Coast.

I know, it sounds like the premise of a science fiction novel, but it really happened. Read the true story about an invasive species which was introduced in a nearly defenseless ecosystem.

Caulerpa Conquest, by Eric Noel Muñoz, is the saga of the 2000 to 2006 precedent-setting eradication efforts against Caulerpa taxifolia—the genetically mutated species of seaweed that invaded San Diego’s Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, California.

This book unravels missed opportunities and teaches us lessons that are relevant today as we approach Earth Day. Put it this way, the same strain of seaweed attacked the Mediterranean Sea, and the devastation there was much worse.

Cheer for real scientific heroes in this griping, authentic drama. Caulerpa Conquest is a cautionary tale that we all need to read to truly appreciate Earth Day.

I hope you enjoy selecting your new favorite book. Now it’s time to snuggle up with a cup of tea and slip into the adventure of your choosing. Enjoy!

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