What is "BRF" and How Is It Impacting Your Professional Life?

Olivia Clifford  |

In the months following when Taylor Orci’s video “bitchy resting face” was uploaded to the YouTube channel Funny or Die, many American women became very concerned and self-diagnosing themselves with this fabricated disorder. The original video, which was written to poke fun at all the recent medical condition PSA commercials caught on like wildfire. With around 2,700,000 views, more and more people are beginning to concern themselves with the impact that their facial expressions have on their interactions with others. This becomes a particular concern when interacting in the workplace.

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Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan based Plastic Surgeon was interviewed about this new phenomenon by TODAY.com where he stated that there is a legitimate medical condition where some people inherently have resting facial expressions that cause them to come off as unpleasant. This condition is demonstrated in people whose mouths are slightly downturned and or their eyebrows have deep vertical lines giving off the appearance of grumpiness. In the past year alone, Dr. Youn stated that he alone has done over 100 expression surgeries in order to reverse the effects of “bitchy resting face”. Theses surgeries range from grin lifts, filler procedures to turn up the corners of a persons mouth, to 1,5000 eyebrow injections of Botox.

Though most of the problems of “bitchy resting face” come from strangers who take the angry expression as an act of aggression during mundane daily activities, it can be quite a problem when communicating in the workplace. It is said the more then half of communication that people make while interacting is based off their body language and facial expressions. It’s the first like of understanding to the person that an individual is trying to communicate with.

That being said its understood that people who smile and have a more open softer demeanor are more accepted and listen to then those who come across as closed off and grumpy. This then poses a problem for those who have a resting face that gives off the wrong impression when interacting in business. It’s a step back that has to be compensated for because the initial reaction is much harsher. Those who suffer from “bitchy resting face” need to overcome the initial reaction that fellow coworkers and clients have to generate the setting that those who are innately softer generate off the bat.


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