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What are the common Security & Surveillance Infractions for Cannabis Companies?

Most of the time costly violations for marijuana businesses are related to insufficient security and
surveillance systems in licensed marijuana operations. Its procedure for regulatory authorities if any
violations or incidents occur with inventory, employees, or activities within the licensed premises,
authorities to review the surveillance system. Any issues related to the security and surveillance system
are often found during reviews of other non-related infractions. In research after more than 600
cannabis compliance inspections, here are some infractions for security and surveillance observed by
the Adherence SCORE App for cannabis compliance in 2017.

The cameras do not have a clear, unobstructed view of all activity without sight blockage.

All records applicable to the surveillance system are not maintained on the licensed premises.

The licensee does not have a current list of authorized employees and service personnel who
have access to the surveillance system.

The video surveillance system does not have an “active” notification system for interruptions
and failures (cannot be email or web-based alerts)

The licensee does not maintain a diagram of the surveillance camera locations, direction of
coverage, and assigned camera numbers.

The video surveillance system does not have an “active” notification system for interruptions
and failures (cannot be email or web-based alerts)

Leading that pack in as a solution for cannabis businesses is DirectView Holdings, Inc. (OTC:DIRV), a
company focused on ownership and management of leading video and security technology. DirectView
recognizes a major problem with cannabis businesses that need custom-tailored security and
surveillance that meet the regulatory and compliance requirements. They have been pushing the
message to the forefront giving business owners the knowledge, so they will not be fined and stay
compliant. It is known that they will be leading this conversation discussing the various regulations
and mandatory security compliance requirements associated with the quickly evolving industry at MJ Biz
Conference in Las Vegas. To join DirectView DIRV in there conversation on providing the correct
knowledge to cannabis business owners go to

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