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Equities.com’s Small-Cap Throwdown is a brand new investment newsletter focused on finding the best underdog stocks you haven’t heard about. It is authored by Wall Street veteran and notorious straight shooter Steve Kanaval in his distinctive style. In each issue, readers can expect Steve to comb through a no-holds-barred melee between a hand-picked group of feisty welterweight title contenders to determine their industry’s king of the ring. Without further ado, here’s Steve!


Small-Cap Throwdown is a vehicle that will allow me to break down each sector of small caps ranging in market capitalization from $50 million to $500 million. I wanted to cover this section of the market because no one else covers it for investors like you.

In each issue, I’ll pit a handful of quality small-cap companies in a specific sector against each other, and emerge with the stock I think will outperform the others. At the end of the day, my subscribers will have a hand-picked portfolio of high-pedigree stocks in the $50 million to $500 million poised for significant growth. Obviously, as an investor, you can choose to invest in and follow any all of these stocks, but you can also leverage my years of expertise as a Wall Street trader too!

In my days as a trader and portfolio manager, we would go through this exact type of portfolio construction methodology when managing small-cap stocks. The opinions and decisions I make come after many years of following these companies and trading the stocks in various market conditions.

I wanted to write for you exactly the way we would communicate with a portfolio using real-life entry and exit points. Small-Cap Throwdown will educate you on understanding small-cap pedigree and how to recognize it. The road to profits when managing money is not always a flash of a lucky investment. It is about understanding and experiencing the day-to-day, week-to-week awareness of why a stock moves, enjoy the journey. You don’t want to be the fighter throwing wild haymakers in the ring, praying something will land. You want to be the technical genius picking apart his opponent for the knockout. So, tell me…are you ready to throw down?

The first issue of Equities.com Small-Cap Throwdown pits the hottest beverage small-cap stocks against each other to find a winner. See Steve's take on the contenders below (we'll be publishing one company each day starting today) and sign-up here for a free issue!

Check back as we continue to unveil the field!



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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
REED Reeds Inc. 2.25 -0.10 -4.25 35,494
ROX Castle Brands Inc. 0.81 0.02 1.89 111,282
PRMW Primo Water Corporation 14.46 0.43 3.06 368,155 Trade
BREW Craft Brew Alliance Inc. 16.07 0.12 0.75 60,785 Trade


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