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WEED, Inc. (BUDZ) Announces Acquisition of Plant Genomic Research and Breeding Company, Sangre AT, LLC

WEED, Inc. (BUDZ), announced today the acquisition of Sangre AT, LLC as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEED. Sangre AgroTech has begun its 5-Year, $10 million Cannabis Genomic Study to complete a global genomic classification of the Cannabis plant genus.

WEED, Inc. (BUDZ), announced today the acquisition of Sangre AT, LLC as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEED. Sangre AgroTech has begun its 5-Year, $10 million Cannabis Genomic Study to complete a global genomic classification of the Cannabis plant genus. “We are pleased to be able to finally make this announcement,” said WEED’s Co-Founder and CEO, Glenn E. Martin. “It’s been in the works for several months now.”

Sangre AgroTech’s world-respected team provides decades of expertise and innovation in the fields of genetics, plant biology, plant pathology, phytoecology, and sustainable and environmentally sound agricultural practices. The research team is focused on the development and application of cannabis-derived compounds for the treatment of human disease. Targeting cannabis-derived molecules which stimulate the endocannabinoid system, Sangre’s research team will develop the required scientifically-valid and evidence-based cannabis strains for the production of disease-specific medicines.

WEED’s history-making Cannabis Genomic Study: “Our goals are global, our cures are local,” stated Mr. Martin. “Cannabis Research and Education are keys to WEED’s long term strategic plan for our sector. As WEED’s first major acquisition, the ‘Brain Trust’ of our dedicated staff of PhDs at Sangre AgroTech will prove instrumental in achieving WEED’s goal of creating NEW strain-specific, disease-specific treatments and cures over the next several years. Several patentable strains, along with accompanying THC and CBD compounds, look to be developed and achievable in our 5-year time frame. To this effect WEED has chosen Colorado as its headquarters for Sangre AgroTech, nestled in the Sangre De Christo Mountains in southern CO.”

The scientific studies conducted by the WEED/Sangre research team will further expand the portfolio of relevant medicinal strains and their application to the resolution of human disease. This research will identify, collect, patent, and archive a collection of highly active medicinal strains. Dr. Patrick Williams, President and Chief Science Officer of Sangre AgroTech, stated, “A comprehensive understanding of the annotated genome of a variety of cannabis strains will provide the blueprints for the development of significant medicinal products for the treatment of human diseases such as pediatric brain cancer, PTSD, epilepsy, chronic pain, and Crohn’s disease.”

Sangre AgroTech’s research and development team works not only with “next generation sequencing” instruments, but also emerging sequencing technologies that are currently restricted to key “decision maker” laboratories. In addition, Sangre AgroTech utilizes the most advanced proprietary bioinformatics data systems available. The combination of personnel, skill-sets, and data analytics capabilities will allow Sangre to accomplish its goals in months, rather than years. “The Sangre AgroTech research team is honored to be a part of WEED Inc.,” said Dr. Williams, “and to have the opportunity to perform this ground-breaking research which will contribute to the resolution of human disease for years to come.”

Using annotated genomic data and newly generated phenotypic data, Sangre AgroTech will identify and isolate regions of the genome which are related to growth, synthesis of desired molecules, and drought and pest resistance. This complex data set will be utilized in a breeding program to generate and establish new hybrid cultivars which exemplify the traits that are desired by the medical and patient community. This breeding program will produce new seed stocks, clones, and intellectual property which will generate immense value for the Company.

About WEED, Inc.

WEED, Inc. (BUDZ) is a USA-based public company. WEED Inc. is a multi-national, multi-faceted, vertically-integrated world class Cannabis organization. WEED is structured as a holding company doing business through its divisions, wholly-owned subsidiaries, and strategically placed collaborative partners to achieve and promote our global brand. WEED is dedicated to its global goals and outreach across the full spectrum of the Cannabis industry to find treatments and medical cures utilizing the Cannabaceae plant family. WEED does not grow, harvest, produce, or sell any substance in violation of US Federal law under The Federal Controlled Substances Act, and meets all standards of international law in the countries that WEED does business in. For additional information about WEED, Inc., please visit

About Sangre AT, LLC

Sangre AT, LLC is a plant genomic research and breeding company comprised of top-echelon scientists with extensive expertise in genomic sequencing, genetics-based breeding, plant tissue culture, and plant biochemistry, utilizing the most advanced sequencing and analytical technologies and proprietary bioinformatics data systems available.

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