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MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB:MSRT), often described as a Facebook for cannabis consumers, announced today that the company has significantly increased its web traffic month over month, growing to 624,000 page views and 81,000 unique visitors from December 13, 2015 to January 12, 2016. Furthermore, MassRoots’ blog grew to 181,000 page views and 122,000 unique visitors over the same time period.

In addition to being the industry’s largest and fastest-growing social network, MassRoots’ platform also features a dispensary network, cannabis news feed, product recommendations, and advice forum for like-minded cannabis supporters and medical marijuana patients. The platform crossed 725,000 users earlier this month.

“The release of MassRoots’ web platform in late November opened up an entire new growth and revenue channel for the Company,” said Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots. “We started indexing the public content from MassRoots on Google, introduced the first version of dispensary discovery, and are actively monetizing the platform through sponsored posts and featured user placement.”

Last year proved to be defined by major milestones for the Colorado-based company. Some recent operational highlights include:

  • Generating 35 million app screen views in 30 days.
  • Terence Fitch, former Coca-Cola Co (NYE: KO) Enterprise Executive, joining the company’s board of directors.
  • Being featured on The Guardian and CNET.
  • Closing $1 million overnight offering.
  • High Times Magazine joining the MassRoots community.

Furthermore, the company was featured in the History Channel documentary, “The Marijuana Revolution,” which aired this past Monday, and presented at this year’s largest electronic and technology convention, CES.

“We’re currently experiencing rapid user growth, increasing amounts of web traffic, and rising page and app screen views – we expect that all of these metrics could allow us to attract more advertisers and generate more revenue from existing ones,” said Dietrich. “If we experience continued and consistent increases in these metrics, we anticipate that our monthly revenues will also continue to grow, especially when localized advertising features come online later this quarter.“

Advocacy and support for medical cannabis continues to grow nationwide. MassRoots, through its highly sought after mobile platform, is positioned to capitalize on the expanding cannabis market.

For more information about MassRoots, visit www.massroots.com.

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