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Last week the Nasdaq Composite picked up 18 basis points, while the LD Micro Index was the biggest loser, dropping 1.24%

Dear Patrons,

Last week we had the CEO and CFO of WidePoint (WYY)WYY in town on Tuesday, the exemplary B. Riley conference on Wednesday and Thursday, Inventory Day on Saturday, and our annual Memorial Day BBQ yesterday.

Nothing is more beautiful than watching old WWII planes fly up above the sky, while I burn my hand cooking someone I dislike a chicken hot dog. You read that right, friend. If you have a bun, and it does not have beef or pork inside of it, then it should NOT be called a "hot dog." Turkey frank, sure. Uncured chicken carcass, done deal. Don't ask me for a chicken hot dog, for this does not exist in my lexicon.

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This is America. We take tailgating and grilling meat seriously.

Memorial Day is special because it gives thanks to people such as Mr. William McAndrew (CEO of Amazing Energy), Jerry Shelton (CEO of CYRXCYRX), Bill Langbein (random dude), Ken Gryske (MyDataLobby), Adam Rund (CEO of AirStrike Systems), and the countless other veterans who consider themselves to be a part of our community.

They served their country valiantly, and they deserve more than just our reverence. They deserve everyone to do their part to advance this country forward and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that many sadly take for granted. If you watch the news, things are as divisive as I'm ever seen. If you ask me, I think the powers that be in this country (super rich, 99.9% of the politicians, big business, Brandel Chamblee) want us to keep fighting over certain issues over and over again. Take the gender bathroom issue. This is common sense.

Trust me on this. If you are coming to the event next week, I'll tell you what I think. :-)

As for the upcoming conference.......

It has been a long journey since that terrible morning on December 6th. Truth be told, the time between then and now was a lot more difficult than even I had suspected. 134 companies did not present, 2,200 meetings never took place, patrons and staff all fearing the worse and over 900 uneaten donut holes which went stale in the lobby. Okay, I ingested four or ten so the count was slightly less.

I was in my traditional 5:00 AM garb: Robert Graham shirt, vest, RG pants, and sandals. It was an easy decision to make, but a very hard decision to live with.

Come next week, all roads in the micro-cap world will again lead to the Invitational, where 234 companies shall be making presentations, taking private meetings, enjoying the Los Angeles scenery, listening to live music, and trying to find the next generation of winners. If you are invited and can make it, do it.

Here is the most updated list: https://www.ldmicro.com/events

You will get one month of work done for every day you attend. Sure your feet will be killing you, but the benefits are endless.

No other grouping has had as many new companies presenting. And I am confident that a few names are going to do very big things moving forward.

Just as a small sample, the last two companies that confirmed for our event over the weekend, CBi2 (TCI.CN) and LiveXLive Media (LIVX)LIVX.

CBi2 looks to make early stage investments in the nascent and, at times, "wild" cannabis space. God only knows how much insight they can share about the industry and how they believe it shall evolve.

LiveXLive (LIVX) is looking to make every concert in the world accessible on your phone, at your home, and most importantly, at your leisure. They had a surge in volume a couple of weeks ago that caught everyone in the space by surprise.

For full disclosure purposes, both companies pay us to present at the events.

For even more full disclosure, I can not wait to see many of our patrons next week.

Just don't ask me if we serve chicken hot dogs.

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