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Watch Today’s Rally for Clue to Near-Term Direction

Today: Some consolidation here would be healthy after an eight-day rebound from the March correction lows. Stock-index futures indicate a mixed-to-marginally positive open. Any upmove today must

It looks like we are nearing show-time in Libya, where Qaddafi??™s ???go, or non-go??? status will be resolved. Obviously, if he stays, we have an ongoing uncertainty ??“ not good. Unfortunately, if he is shown the door, it will be a positive for international cooperation but not have a great impact on Wall Street, which is probably looking ahead to Q1 earnings reports this month.

Longer term, a favorable result in Libya, can bode well for Western and European interests in its message it sends to other Mid-East countries and that can have a favorable impact on the stock market by lessening uncertainties.

Purely speculation on my part. Without access to the War Room in Washington, how can any one, including the press, really have a fact-based insight on a likely outcome of success, or lack of it in Libya and the Mid-East.

Anticipation of Q1 earnings reports will become more and more important and we move into April on Friday. They are the key to new bull market highs, or the beginning of a sharp correction.

George Brooks
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