Wall Street Words of Wisdom: Best Jim Cramer Quotes

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Soft-spoken. Careful about his words. Quick to think, slow to speak. NONE of these describe Jim Cramer, one of the most visible market analysts today. Between his show Mad Money on CNBC, his public feud with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, and the popular financial website thestreet.com, the former hedge fund manager has made a career out of talking about the stock market. Right or wrong, Cramer's always been interesting, so here are some of Jim Cramer's most memorable quotations:

“I had unbelievable credibility as a hedge fund manager (at Cramer Berkowitz), but who cares? If I'm obstreperous, funny, I'm bringing people in, not turning them off. My industry has been operating through mystification and confusion. Fie on us. I'm having a darn good time.”

"I am doing my best to find it. I will find it before the public finds it. I will get out of it before it's too late. The reason I will do that is because that's what I'm paid to do."

"I have never for a minute felt in was my stock picking abilities. I feel that my stock picking abilities aided- I was able to pick out which are the good stocks in the good market, but I have been blessed with a great market."

"I think that stocks have been this tremendous, tremendous equalizer for people in this country. Guys who can't make a lot of money at their jobs have been able to make a lot of money in the stock market."

"I mean I'm not smarter than the market, but I can recognize a good tape and a bad tape. I recognize when it's right and when it's wrong and that's what my strength is."

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"I think you'll do as well as most professionals. Most professionals don't beat the market. Let's not over-rate my industry. But if you have time, you can be in good mutual funds that have good records."

"There are tons of people who are late to trends by nature and adopt a trend after it's no longer in fashion. They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles."

"It's the company itself, but most of these mutual fund companies, the guy who runs the company is just a fact totem and the guy who runs the money is the power. But we really don't know who they are."

"The danger that we have right now are people who get the same information as I do and, therefore, think they'll reach the same conclusions that haven't traded as long, don't have bear claws up and down their backs like I do."

"Bear Stearns is fine! Do not take your money out."

"Does anybody know who the managers are at Windsor, at Hutton? I mean these guys run billions. Well, we don't even know who they are. I don't even know who they are. I've met them and I don't know who they are."

"He has no idea how bad it is out there! He has no idea!" -  Referencing Ben Bernanke during a passionate plea to cut interest rates in August 2007.

"I mean it's the most objective industry in the world. If your numbers stink, you're out. If your numbers are good, you get more money. It's the most Darwinian, it's beautiful, it's brutal, it works."

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