Wall Street Shrugs Off Yellen's Taper Talk as Stocks Rebound Across the Board

Michael Teague  |

●       Standard & Poor’s 500: +0.60percent to 1,872.01

●       Dow Jones Industrial Average: +0.67 percent to 16,331.05

●       NASDAQ: +0.27 percent to 4,319.29

Wall Street investors sent stocks mostly higher by the end of Thursday’s trading session a day after a heavy sell-off was prompted by hawkish comments on Treasury Spending were emphasized by incoming Central Bank chief Janet Yellen held during her first official post-committee press conference. Economic data played a role in the day’s gains, as initial jobless claims from the prior week were not as numerous as economists had been anticipating, and major financial institutions hurdled the latest Fed stress-testing.

●       Senior Editor Jacob Harper considers the curious realignment of traditional political stances currently taking place as a result of the ongoing dispute between Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA) and the National Automobile Dealer’s Association.

●       Andrew Klips has the scoop on the possibility that Twitter (TWTR) is looking to drastically change its trademark use of tagging symbols in a bid to grow its user base.

●       Andy Waldock weighs in on the historical wheat/corn price spread.

●       In case you missed it yesterday, Jacob Harper brought Equities.com into the missing flight 370 speculation bonanza for the first time.

●       Our newest contributor Meng Meng gives readers the story behind the possibility that former Appalachian mining heavy-hitter James River Coal (JRCC) might soon be able to count bankruptcy among its future possibilities and it continues to labor under a substantial load of debt.

●       Senior Editor Joel Anderson takes a closer look a Thursday trio of price-swings in the healthcare sector, as BG Medicine (BGMD) , IsoRay ($ISO), and Bacterin International (BONE) each posted substantial gains.

●       Occiental Petroleum (OXY) saw shares trade heavily lower throughout the session as the company is confronted with a third fracking moratorium in California.

●       The Bank of Ireland (IRE) looked as though it was well on its way to a full recovery from the financial meltdown after it announced that it had completely managed to get rid of its heavy debt burden left over from that terrible period.


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