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Wall Street's Advertising Age


How to Market Your Companies Most Important Asset, Your Stock!

Not sure if you noticed, but the world of marketing has just RADICALLY CHANGED! In 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. Then the SEC and FINRA had to execute the new laws while protecting investors and the greater good.

So, we had changes like Regulation D, 506(C) Regulation A+ etc... The real interesting thing is that with the most recent passing of the new Regulation A+ (See the news coverage) things are getting even more interesting.

By June of this year, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will be able to invest in new venture type companies with the changes in Reg A+. Each company can raise $20M or $50M within a year in a mini IPO. They will have disclosure and the stock won't be restricted like other small and private company venture investments. A secondary market and venture exchanges are being talked about amongst the exchange community already.

Liquid venture cap companies that you can trade. Interesting Alpha opportunities to say the least.

This takes me to the reason for this article and why companies need to start taking the opportunity to market your company's asset. Its STOCK. Its the one item that values the entire business.

We're sitting on the biggest changes to hit the street since 1934. Break out the white board and call Don Draper. It's on!

The Marketing budgets needs to include marketing to the financial markets and in this day and age, the Internet is the key, but we also have other ideas up our sleeve.

Of course, you can advertise on Equities.com :-)


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