Walk A Mile in Her Shoes: Stephanie Golden, Founder of Biggies Crack Toffee

Hillary Gadsby |

Stephanie is the founder of Biggies Crack Toffee, which was featured on Oprah's favorite things and The View. Stephanie didn't set out to start a business, it came out of passion and a little bit of "sweet" luck.

StilettoGal: What motivated you to start your business after so many years?

Stephanie Golden: Starting my business was an evolutionary process. I didn’t set out to start a toffee business. It started as a hobby and after seeing people’s reaction and how much everyone loved it, I started to realize I was onto something unique and could sell my toffee. I decided to give it a shot, knowing there was nothing on the market like what I developed.

SG: What are three tips you can give to women who decide to start a business later in their careers?


  • Trust your instincts and your judgement– If you have been in business for a while then likely you’ve seen a lot and been through a lot. While you should have a good team around you, at the end of the day, it’s your product.
  • Carpe Diem – There is no time like now especially if you are older. Therefore, if you think you have something that is sellable then go for it.
  • The kindness of strangers (and others) - Build a good team and have people you can rely on. Don’t try and do it all yourself.

SG: What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?

Stephanie: The biggest challenge was shortly after we were named to Oprah’s Favorite Things list, followed by an invitation to be on The View, when I realized I was going to need to scale quickly to meet the demand. I needed to hire a team and order machinery and supplies in a short time. When things are done at that pace, you don’t always have time to optimize your people, processes and resources. So you can make mistakes. I tried every day to make peace with that fact, which was the only way to get through it because you can’t beat yourself up everyday. Also, we tried to find the bright spots and humor. We actually laughed a lot because we were working 20 hour days so humor, laughter and loving what you do were sometimes the only way to get through!

SG: What are some unique things you have done to promote your business?

Stephanie: The opportunity to be featured on The View and kick off a flash sale brought us added visibility and larger audience.

SG: How do you define success?

Stephanie: When I do the absolute best and can learn something new along the way

SG: What legacy would you like to leave?

Stephanie: I hope to build a growing business whereby I can keep people gainfully employed because we live in a climate where there are so many people who need work. I would want my legacy to be of a mindful leader and ethical employer who balances the needs of the business with the needs of employees.

SG: What kind of shoe are you and why? (this is not about what kind of shoes you like)

Stephanie: I am a 2-inch stacked heeled Moto boot. The heel because I project an image that is slight taller than I am. I am also practical and functional and a little rock and roll at the same time.

To learn more about Stephanie and buy her toffee, visit her website here.

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