VolitionRx Ltd is Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis With Noninvasive Diagnostic Tests

Destiny A. Lopez  |

Early diagnosis is critical in having a fighting chance against cancer. While cancer treatments, undoubtedly, have made significant improvements within the last 50 years, diagnostic tests remain costly, invasive, and lacking in accuracy. VolitionRx Ltd (VNRX), a life science company, is dedicated to revolutionizing cancer diagnosis by developing noninvasive diagnostic tests based on its Nucleosomics® technology.

A platform technology that measures and identifies signatures of nucleosomes, a section of DNA that is wrapped around a core of proteins, circulating in the blood, Nucleosomics® has demonstrated in a number of company trials, the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Distinguish cancer patients from healthy patients .
  • Distinguish cancer patients from those with other blood nucleosome-elevating conditions.
  • Distinguish one type of cancer from another.

The company is primarily focused on developing testing solutions that help diagnose colorectal cancer, inflammatory diseases, and other types of cancers.

Based in Singapore, VolitionRx Ltd is under the current leadership of Cameron Reynolds, who possesses extensive experience within the mining and biotechnology sectors.

Also, the company’s CSO, Jake Micallef PhD, is an experienced scientific executive who in-licensed the HyperGenomics and Nucleosomics technologies while serving as the Technical Officer of ValiRx.

Since its founding in 2010, VolitionRx Ltd has been involved in, among others, the development of the following:

  • Twenty-Eight epigenetic NuQ blood assays based on its Nucleosomics® technology
  • Two NuQ-X blood assays
  • Three NuQ-V blood tests
  • Seventeen NuQ-M blood assays
  • Five NuQ-A blood essays

Recently, the company announced a major milestone pertaining to the development of its novel blood test for colorectal cancer. Combined with the conventional faecal immunochemical screening test, the company’s novel blood test for colorectal cancer, according to an official news release, has the potential to offer up to a 25% reduction in colonoscopies performed, a costly and invasive procedure, while maintaining almost 97% detection of colorectal cancer when combined with the faecal immunochemical test score.

"The introduction of Nu.QTM to help physicians decide whether patients need to go on to have a colonoscopy has the potential to significantly alleviate some of the capacity pressures within healthcare systems,” said Louise Day, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of VolitionRx. “Our hope is that more people will be able to be screened and more colorectal cancer cases identified early. The poster presented at ESMO this week has generated a lot of interest and discussion. We expect to receive CE Marking for this test later this year and aim to market it throughout Europe in 2017."

As are many other innovative companies, VolitionRx will be making the rounds during the fall conference season. Coming up, the company is scheduled to participate in the highly anticipated Sidoti Emerging Growth Convention.

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November 1st, 2016

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New York, NY

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For details regarding participation or sponsorship opportunities please contact the good people at Sidoti 212-453-7031

To learn more about VolitionRx Ltd, visit www.volitionrx.com.

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