Voip-Pal’s Patent Portfolio Will be the Envy of the TelCo Industry

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LOS ANGELES - Making a call once meant using a landline telephone. Sound waves entered a mouthpiece, and with the help of electricity, a transmitter and a receiver, a person could be connected to another thousands of miles away. This is how people communicated over long distances for well over a hundred years. While phones are still very much in use thanks to the explosion in smartphone technology, people are now able to communicate and interact in a variety of ways over the Internet. The world is now connected via the World Wide Web, with voice and multimedia sessions made possible with Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology.

In order to connect to the Internet in the dial up era, a landline phone was required. A number was dialed and the Internet was accessed through the most popular provider at the time, America Online. By 2006, the dial up era was dead. Internet protocol (IP) made it possible for the Internet to find an individual through a device assigned with either a permanent or dynamic IP address. This connection is what makes wireless voice, message, multimedia and financial transactions possible. However, in the VoIP era, it is not enough to just connect endpoint to endpoint. Connecting an increasingly mobile world containing multiple networks, users and endpoints is a complex task. Voip-Pal.Com, Inc (VPLM) is a company that aims to provide a complete telecommunications compliance solution that accomplishes this task efficiently and intelligently.

A Suite of VoIP Solutions

In 2003, Digifonica International Limited was founded with this vision that the Internet would be the future of all forms of communication. Acquired by Voip-Pal in 2013 to fund and co-develop a patent suite, the Digifonica team wrote a software suite that provided solutions to a number of key areas in Internet connectivity. These areas include Routing, Billing and Rating (RBR), Mobile gateway and Uninterrupted Mobile Prototype, Lawful Intercept, and Enhanced 911. All patents were filed and approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The RBR solution is a collection of proprietary elements that allow Voip-Pal to provide clients with the ability to perform subscriber management from their existing management and billing platforms. Mobile Gateway and Uninterrupted Mobile Prototype make it possible to seamlessly move from one network to another without losing or having to end a call. Lawful intercept, which is required for law enforcement agencies,allows them the ability to gather data sent using IP. Enhanced 911 will replace a failing emergency response system installed decades prior to the mobile revolution.

Outdated 911 systems used nationwide have been reporting delays that have led to fatal and tragic consequences. Because the majority of 911 calls are made using mobile or VoIP phones, emergency response representatives have difficulty tracing calls being made from an unfixed location. Enhanced 911 allows emergency response personnel to quickly and efficiently provide help to those using a VoIP phone or messaging service.

Voip-Pal’s patent suite has the potential to help law enforcement and public service agencies save lives. However, with a controversial ruling recently announced in Europe, US tech companies may need Voip-Pal’s services to help save their industry.

The Telecommunications Movement

The operations of US tech companies and intelligence services within the transatlantic digital economy just got very complicated. Austrian law student Max Schrems, using documents discovered by Edward Snowden, filed a complaint against Facebook in 2013 about how the social media giant transferred his personal data overseas to the US with little to no regard for his privacy. The EU Court of Justice agreed with Schrems, and declared a 2000 ‘Safe Harbor” agreement invalid. This agreement allowed tech companies like Facebook Inc. (FB) , Google Inc. (GOOG) and Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) to transfer user data to their US servers for processing. Schrems’ claim that “the law and practice of the United States do not offer sufficient protection against surveillance by the public authorities of the data transferred to that country” has created a case rooted in concerns regarding data protection and surveillance.

In a market where the free movement of data is critical to economic growth and job security, the impact of this decision for both international financial and technology sectors can be summarized in one word: uncertainty. Companies that depend on the movement of data from their European users to the United States will want to protect their subscriber network and advertising revenue by seeking alternative solutions, like Telecommunications (Telco) services. While it is possible that Telco subscriptions agreements may soften the effects of the EU ruling, it is premature to predict the impact of the decision. However, it is likely that the decision will be the catalyst that makes companies begin to look for other services, like Telco, to

bridge the possible revenue gaps that are caused by the impediment to safe harbor. Voip-Pal’s patent portfolio can help avoid an international data blackout while gaining a strategic advantage over their competitors.

A Piece of the Billion-Dollar Pie

Next to the sharing economy, clean energy and electric cars, VoIP services is a growing and profitable multi-billion market. The VoIP services market was valued at $70 billion in 2013, and is expected to surpass $130 billion by 2020. Voip-Pal’s complete patent portfolio of VoIP technology and intellectual property is positioned to be a valuable asset within this market. The world is calling, and VoIP-Pal is working to ensure that we can always stay connected.

For more information about VoIP-Pal, visit www.voip-pal.com.

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