Voip-Pal Files Infringement Complaint Against Apple, Verizon and AT&T in $7 Billion Lawsuit

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Voip-Pal.com, Inc. (VPLM), a company that aims to provide a complete telecommunications compliance solution, announced today that the company has filed suit against Apple, Inc. (AAPL), Verizon Wireless Services, LLC, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), AT&T, Inc. (T), and AT&T Corp. in the United States District Court, District of Nevada.

Voip-Pal filed complaints alleging infringement by Apple, Verizon and AT&T of various claims of Voip-Pal’s patents, and is seeking damages totaling over $7 billion, taking legal action to protect intellectual property that took the company 13 years and millions of dollars to develop. Highlights regarding Voip-Pal’s legal action include:

  • Apple, Verizon and AT&T were regrettably unwilling to engage in discussion of licensing the Company’s intellectual property and technology.
  • Digifonica/Voip-Pal began designing its communications routing system in 2004, at the beginning of the Internet communications explosion. At that time, the company had the vision that the Internet would one day become the dominant form of telecommunication, capable of business and personal use that would dramatically expand its impact and utility.
  • Voip-Pal designed, built and tested super-nodes and nodes in Canada, England, and Norway, spending more than $17 million on development and execution in the process. The Company had at one point more than twenty (20) engineers working on the software design and implementation.
  • Every day, billions of calls, messages and payments are made (using existing applications, products and services) that utilize Voip-Pal’s patented technology. Further, given the current preferred method of routing Internet-based communications, which classifies calls using the Company’s “caller attributes,” the Company believes that its patents are not limited solely to mobile devices.
  • The Company has prepared royalty monetization analyses in order to assess past damages. These analyses utilize a royalty rate of one and one quarter percent (1.25%) of apportioned profits of infringing devices and services, which is over 87% less than the weighted average of analyzed court-awarded damages and settlement rates. The royalty monetization for Apple, Verizon and AT&T at the conservative 1.25% royalty rate totals over $7.024 billion.

A publicly traded company that is currently looking to monetize a portfolio of patents relating to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Voip-Pal acquired Digifonica International Limited to fund and co-develop a patent suite that provided solutions to a number of key areas in Internet connectivity.

In recent months, the company has announced several milestones achievements regarding their technology portfolio of patents, including:

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granting issuance of the Company’s previously allowed patents, including “Determining a Time to Permit a Communications Session to be Conducted (Timing)”, “Intercepting Voice over IP Communications and Other Data Communications Application (LI),” “Uninterrupted Transmission of Internet Protocol Transmissions During Endpoint Changes (UI),” and “Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications (Messaging).”
  • The Canadian Intellectual Property Office approving the company's Canadian Patent Application No. 2668025: “Producing Routing Messages for Voice over IP Communications (RBR).

Furthermore, Voip-Pal’s RBR Messaging child patent, “Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications,” was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Aiming to capitalize on a market estimated to surpass $130 billion by 2020, Voip-Pal is furthering their position as an industry leader by not only developing a suite of innovative patents; but, also by protecting those patents. “We are working diligently on many fronts to monetize the patents and protect our shareholders’ interests,” said Emil Malak, CEO and Director of Voip-Pal. “We expect to have further updates of our progress in the near future.”

For more information about VoIP-Pal, visit www.voip-pal.com.

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