Voip-Pal.Com Inc. Provides an Update on its Most Recent Patent Activity

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BELLEVUE, Wash.--Voip-Pal.Com Inc. (“Voip-Pal”, “Company”) (VPLM) is pleased to announce the issuance by the USPTO of their most recent previously allowed patents:

  • Determining a Time to Permit a Communications Session to be Conducted (Timing) No. 9,137,385, Issue date September 15, 2015.
  • Intercepting Voice over IP Communications and Other Data Communications Application (LI), Patent No. 9,143,608, Issue date September 22, 2015.
  • Uninterrupted Transmission of Internet Protocol Transmissions During Endpoint Changes (UI), Patent No. 9,154,417, Issue date October 6, 2015.
  • Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications (Messaging), has received issue notification with an issue date of November 3, 2015, and has been assigned Patent No. 9,179,005.

Each of the newly issued patents is a continuation of the parent patents comprising the original Digifonica Patent Suite. These continuations clarify specific key applications and implementations of their covered technology. The Uninterrupted continuation provides the means for consumers to move seamlessly from network to network without interruption, while the Lawful Intercept continuation specifies the method for intercepting all forms of IP communications.

Voip-Pal believes its Routing, Billing and Rating, (RBR) patent together with its continuations is the foundation of any modern commercial VoIP system and perhaps the most important architectural solution for VoIP communications. Collectively they provide the means for billing, messaging and metering all forms of VoIP communications. Messaging has surpassed calling as the most popular form of daily communication. The RBR Messaging continuation defines the necessary architecture for internet telephony, SMS and MMS messaging and many forms of e-commerce payments. The other key RBR continuations provide the means for metering and billing which are expected to play a vital role as VoIP communications replaces legacy telephony and new fees and tariffs are assessed.

Emil Malak, CEO and Director of Voip-Pal stated, “These are essential patents that have further increased the value of our portfolio and we believe will play a key role in our current monetization efforts.”

About Voip-Pal.com Inc.

Voip-Pal.Com, Inc. (“Voip-Pal”) is a publicly traded corporation (OTC Pink: VPLM) headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The Company owns a portfolio of patents relating to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) technology that it is currently looking to monetize.


Voip-Pal.Com Inc.
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