This Company May Have Cracked the Code to Making Finance Easy to Understand

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With well over half of the population identified as visual learners, information that is presented in a compelling and visual manner has given rise to the production of media rich content - particularly amid the rapid tech advances of the last two decades. Besides videos, photography, and slide shows, another form of visual learning has captured the attention of businesses, the web, and the public’s short attention span: infographics.

Today’s society has expressed a growing passion and demand for the ability to share newly learned information. With the help of social media, this ability has not only become possible, it has become part of our daily online and mobile activities. Infographics, a visual representation of data through a single graphic or series of graphics, are among the most shared media on the web. With an infinite amount of information available for consumption, infographics succeed in capturing our attention by being visually striking and by informing by taking complex or dense concepts and making them easy to comprehend. One company, Visual Capitalist, is not only creating this type of media; they are pioneering it as an art form.

Visual Capitalist, founded in 2011, provides a new way to discover business opportunities and investment trends through the unique presentation of data and complex issues. According to their website, the Vancouver-based company reaches millions of people each year with their visual content.

Here are four of our favorite infographics crafted by our friends over at Visual Capitalist:

  • The Future of Cannabis: Five Things Investors Need to Know
    With Visual Capitalist as a go-to data visualization resource for Equities, this infographic effectively conveyed key points about the growing Cannabis market and investment opportunities within that market.
  • 33 Indicators That Bitcoin Growth Isn’t Slowing Down in 2016
    For most, Bitcoin can be a very confusing and intimidating subject. However, the digital currency is gaining support and has been included as a payment option for some major retailers and businesses, such as Target (TGT), Reddit and PayPal (PYPL). Presented by BargainFox, this infographic provides proof that Bitcoin has no intention of slowing its growth in 2016.
  • Canadian Tech Companies That are Breaking Through the Ice
    When one thinks of technology, Silicon Valley usually comes to mind. However, there are a number of cities with burgeoning tech industries, such as Los Angeles and Boulder. While international destinations, such as Bangalore, India and Dubai, are cited as Silicon Valley alternatives, Canada is often overlooked. An infographic presented by Garibaldi Capital advisors proves why this is an unjust oversight.
  • Comparing the World’s Money and Markets
    Along with founding partner, Texas Precious Metals, Visual Capitalist’s The Money Project explores the concepts and implications of money. Taking the overwhelming concept of visualizing all of the world’s money and markets, the company executed the infographic in a surprisingly simple and effective manner.

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