Valentine's Day Dinner: Equities Edition

Joel Anderson  |

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, men everywhere are preparing themselves to spend large sums of money. But where is all that money ending up? Which companies are best poised to take advantage of all those very lucrative romantic feelings? Well, the big money-maker (and the biggest reason why we're all stuck with this holiday) would have to be The Hallmark Company, which also owns Crayola Crayons and 90 percent of cable-broadcaster Crown Media, but it's a privately held company with two-thirds still held by the Hall family.

So, while lovebirds are paying with their hearts (and not with their heads) on the most romantic day of the year, here's a walk through of all the different ways fellas are getting gouged by cupid's arrows this weekend.

Reservations for Romance

"Do I have reservations? Only about your prices!"

Finding a nice place for a quiet dinner is going to be mighty difficult on Tuesday if you haven't already started, that's why a company like OpenTable (PCLN) offers an online service that coordinates diners with reservation-taking restaurants.

Roses Are Red...Like Losses

"HOW much for a bouquet?! It's just plants for crying out loud!"

One should not show up for an evening out empty handed, and 1-800 Flowers (FLWS) is here for you. Get your beloved a marvelous bouquet to start the evening off right. Or, if she's more of a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates from The Hershey Company (HSY) might be more up her alley.

Whining and Dining

"You charge for refills?!"

Going to dinner might take you to one of the major chains owned by Darden Restaurants (DRI) , which control brands like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn Steakhouse. One could also visit The Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) , but you wouldn't need OpenTable reservations for that.

Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay?

"No, honey, lots of people take a romantic rickshaw ride through the park! Well have you SEEN what a horse and carriage costs?!"

One might want to catch a romantic movie from studios like Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF) or the Walt Disney Company (DIS) . However, it being Valentine's Day, there's also a chance that you and your date will retire early to enjoy each others' company. In that case, a little wine from the likes of Diageo plc (DEO) , and slipping into something more comfortable from Limited Brands' (LTD) Victoria's Secret might be in order.

Of course, if you've taken your date to Longhorn Steakhouse, it's also possible that you'll need to consider the services of the good people at Tiffany & Co. (TIF) .

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