Up or Down? Week's Economic Reports Hold Key

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Monday, March 5, 2012       9: 15 a.m. ET

DJIA: 12,977.57      S&P 500: 1369.63

The big reason our stock market has been strong over the last 5 months even in face of serious concerns abroad  is the fact our economic expansion has been gaining strength.

That must continue !

This week will bring us key economic reports addressing  manufacturing, non-manufacturing, retail sales, and  employment data (see below).

The broad-based S&P 500 is up 19% since November  25, the end of the last meaningful correction  of 10%.

Technically, we are due for a breather, something on the order of 5%-7% without “news” to trigger it.  Bulls would counter, saying  February’s market action was mostly sideways, an orderly consolidation that could provide a base for higher prices over the next two months.

Higher or lower at this juncture is pretty much dependent on the flow of economic reports

Stronger economic numbers than expected – we’re headed north.

Any weakness in the economic  numbers, and we are headed south and it will be more like 10% - 12% than 5% - 7%..

I don’t usually dwell on the economy, however, the market has come a long way in anticipation of a sustained recovery, and there is no room for disappointment.

This is not to reduce the importance of  my contention that institutions have a huge amount of money to invest, that there is nowhere else to invest it,  and with the risk of a meltdown in Europe, money will now come out of “safe” investments and go into stocks, which are historically cheap.

Essentially, I am alerting you to the risk of a shakeout, one which could impact your portfolio, but  one that would enable you to pick up stocks at attractive prices.

TODAY: Failure to cross DJIA 12,995 (S&P 500: 1377) calls for a test of minor support at DJIA: 12930 (S&P 500: 1367).  Breaking that, look for DJIA: 12,885 (S&P 500: 1357.



  • Factory Orders (10 a.m.) –  Thanks to strong Durable Goods’ orders December was up a solid 1.1% after a big 2.2% jump in Nov..
  • ISM Non-Manufacturing  Index (10 a.m.) – January was strong, as was December. A very comprehensive index.


  • ISC Goldman Store Sales (7:45 a.m.)Covers major retail chains, but limited to 10% of total retail sales.


  • MBA Purchase Allowances  (7 a.m.)Measures purchase applications at mortgage lenders. Provides gauge of housing demand – a key to giving current economic recovery a boost.
  • ADP Employment Report (8:15 a.m.):This will be scrutinized carefully for a clue to what  Friday’s Employment Situation report produces.  Very Important.
  • Productivity and Costs ( 8:30 a.m.) Hours worked generally increases before new hires
  • EIA Petroleum Status Report (10:30 a.m.):Weekly report of inventories here and abroad, with some bearing on prices for petroleum prices.
  • Consumer Credit (3 p.m.)Rose $19.3 billion in December following November’s  $20.4 billion gain. Both months saw sizable gains in credit card usage.


  • Jobless Claims (8:30 a.m.)Was down 2,000 for the week ended Feb, 25, Four-week moving average is now 354,000


  • Employment Situation (8:30) Was up a solid 243,000 in January, 203,000 in December and 157,000 in November. The unemployment rate dropped tro 8.3% from 8.5%.  Average workweek was steady at 34.5 hours.
  • International Trade (8:30 a.m.)The trade gap worsened in December as imports jumped. The nonpetroleum goods deficit increased to $36.5 billion from $34.1 billion, while petroleum products slipped to $26.9 billion from $27.6 billion.
  • Wholesale Trade (10 a.m)Measures the dollar value of sales made and inventories held by merchant wholesalers. It rose  1.0% in December.  The stock-to-sales ratio is considered “very lean and efficient.”

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